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Ron Paul: Bought and Paid For By Anti-War Socialists at MoveOn.org


There is a reason I have been trumpeting the warnings about the supporters Ron Paul attracts. From anti-semetic NeoNazis at Stormfront and Secular Anarchists to Whorehouse moguls and rabid anti-war Leftists, the Mob Zombies of Ron Paul are growing in numbers and awash with cash, thanks in measure to the front groups MoveOn.org, Code Pink, Iraqcampaign.org of International Socialist Powerbroker George Soros, who both covertly and openly – is helping to fund and aid the Ron Paul campaign.

Of course, the Mob Zombies say they welcome anyone wanting to join their throngs for ‘freedom’. What these dupes don’t understand is that they are being used as pawns for a larger play by the Democrat Left, who as I have stated before – WANT Ron Paul opposite their candidate for the General 2008 Election because getting the war OFF the table of discussion opens the door for the Left to scare the crap out of the Welfare Society they have created about the rest of Ron Paul’s agenda.

When a candidate – who says he stands for the Constitution and garners the aid and support of rabid Socialists hellbent on rewriting it into a newfound Soviet Manifesto – I am suspect and dubious of that kind of alliance, unwitting or not.

Ron Paul has already drawn a huge bunch of unpleasant freaks that think nothing of spamming forum boards and threatening violence and death on those who oppose their candidate. Even Radio Talk Show host Glenn Beck had death threats made against him by the Ron Paul Mob Zombies for his comments about their messiah not long ago.

Ron Paul pretends and says he knows nothing about support from such violent and threatening people, or the KINDS of people he has on his bandwagon of misfits. I imagine he’ll be equally ignorant of the fact that MoveOn.org helped him make campaign commercials and has covert ops INSIDE his campaign. Obviously thinking that one must not have intelligence agents monitoring our international enemies so as not to provoke them, one understands how easy the Ron Paul campaign can be exploited by those seeking to sabotage it from within. That should serve as a lesson about what kind of sabotage America might enjoy under a Ron Paul Administration.

Kevin Mcullough at Townhall.com chronicles the MoveOn.org support of Ron Paul.

Desperate to take support from wherever he can get it.

Some – well more like all of two readers have gotten a little cross-eyed over the fact that I dared to imply that George Soros/MoveOn forces were working covertly to assist the most Soros-like candidate on the GOP ticket.

The truth is some of the support has been covert, some of it rather obvious…

For instance one MoveOn group assisted in the funding and production of this television ad (running on Youtube).

The MoveOn covert ops have also been infiltrating Ron Paul groups for meet-ups, sometimes not meeting with the most cordial of greetings once discovered.

To see for yourself check the MoveOn.org meet-up site that lists the MoveOn events not to be missed… the next meeting in Michigan for example is December 31st.

The truth is Ron Paul’s denial of the Global War against Islamo-fascist Terrorists runs in concert with Soros’ “Hate America First” brigades. Plenty of opportunity on many levels to join forces and root for America’s failure against our foes.

Paul even opposed Reagan on Grenada… (But praised him when Reagan ran home with our troops after our Marines were bombed and killed by Hezbollah in 1983 Beirut without any retribution whatsoever.)

Yup! He’s Soros’ man, MoveOn’s kind of “GOP”, and someone who will take the support from wherever it will come to him from – be it white supremacists, Holocaust deniers, 911 Truthers… or the covert operatives of George Soros or MoveOn.org…

Just view the commercial they made for him…


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