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The Politics of National Destruction


The essays and posts I’ve made in the last few weeks about the fight to preserve our right of free religious exercise over the banning of God in public spaces – brought to mind an essay I read roughly a year or so ago by Ronald L Dart, who wrote of an uneasy Thanksgiving he was sitting down to in light of last year’s election results.

On going to his website at Born To Win, I discovered – perhaps by Providence Himself, that the essay I sought was again featured on the home page. This essay by Mr. Dart is a MUST READ for all American Christians at this time of year, and the points he makes are things we as Americans and Chrsitians need to ponder, meditate upon and consider as the days and months unfold ahead of us now.

The 2008 political campaigns are entering what used to be the official kickoff month, but the quest for power overrides tradition – and today’s politicos are determined to capture it at all costs; tradition, liberty and national interests be damned. – The key subjects being ranted about as the cornerstones of progress and change in America are frightening when one considers how detrimental they are to liberty, prosperity and security. The spate of debates and political garbage already tossed around out there has me more worried than I was last year about the fate of this republic. Mr. Dart’s essay points are more applicable now than they were even last year, and I’d like to call out some of those thoughts and examine them in the context of what we are already seeing.

His essay is entitled: An Uneasy Thanksgiving and he begins by recognizing who the REAL ENEMY is that we fight against in this present evil world – not one of flesh – but of spirit. A spirit that seeks seats of power in government – for more leverage to wreak havoc among men and destroy our relationship with God.

In a culture that is witnessing more depraved acts of evil, and men are asking how such things can happen in the world under the watchful gaze of a loving God..How could things like murdering women to cut their babies from their wombs; events like 9-11 and so on – I cannot help but notice the symmetry of our national woes are on par with how fast we are divorcing ourselves as a culture from God.

What I want to focus on, is the mechanisms and tools that historically have engineered disaster and slavery for a people who forget history. History repeats itself when a people forget. Mr. Dart makes these observations after reading a book by Ron Rosenbaum “Explaining Hitler”. He notes:

The book turned out to be not so much about Hitler as it was about the people who have tried to explain Hitler. I have only gotten a quarter of the way through the book, but I am already deeply disturbed by what I am reading. The world has moved on and has mostly forgotten Hitler. But historians are still struggling with him. They have tried to find a cause for the man and the great evil that he wrought in the last century, but with mixed success. Some of the explanations are laughable, and troubling at the same time. They are troubling in that they try to see Hitler himself as a victim. Some event in his life, perhaps a disease brought all this to pass. Some mental pathology.

We have a penchant in a society that sees morality as an evil judgment to equate acts of evil as results of victimizaton or mental disorders. We refuse to call sin and evil what they are – for fear of offense and accusations of judgmentality. The fact that Hitler is seen in today’s emoting non-judgmental culture as an errant anomoly or victim is not surprising when this culture excuses Jihadists beheading Americans and blowing up their children to kill others as the fault of America – and specifically Christian Americans.

But did [Hitler/Nazi Genocide] come to pass without warning? Did no one know it was coming? Hardly. One man in England, Winston Churchill, saw it coming as clear as day. He warned anyone who would listen and nearly destroyed his political career in the process. But I got an answer from Rosenbaum to a question I have been asking for years. Where were the news media when this man was coming to power? Did no one see? Did no one report?
And the answer is that yes, they did see, and they did report. They were the men of the newspaper Hitler called “The Poison Kitchen.” The one newspaper Hitler hated above all the rest. It was a liberal paper, anti-communist and anti-Nazi, the Munich Post.

This principle of asking where was the media in the face of Hitler’s rise is as applicable to America today as it was when the Brownshirts were tearing up streets in Berlin. The mainstream press in America is become nothing but a propaganda arm for the neoLeft/Socialist/Democrat cabal, and their assorted doctrines and causes of everything from Global warming to Free Government Healthcare. They apologize for the Politically-correct Brownshirts and give cover to their power-mad candidates in order to promote the political agenda that takes precedence over all things.

Rosenbaum tells us that the Munich Post journalists were the first to focus sustained critical attention on Hitler from the first moment he came out of the beer halls and into the streets. You never hear about them, “because it is more comforting to think that no one really knew who Hitler was and what he was all about until it was too late, until after 1933, until he had too much power to resist.”
But that is simply not true. The Munich Post writers and editors knew and engaged Hitler in mortal combat for 12 years. The Munich paper had been so much on Hitler’s case, that he dispatched a gang of his “bodyguard,” to vandalize the offices of the Munich post . . . in 1923. Ten years before Hitler finally got the power to destroy them.

Today’s equivalent of the Munich Post is Conservative Talk Radio and blogs like this one. Their efforts to battle the political Left are become a lone voice since the Republican party has long since abandoned it’s stance as a party of loyal opposition to the efforts the Left wishes to instill on the country. The efforts to silence radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin by our own government really ratcheted up in the last few months, and some tried to re-impose the Fairness Doctrine to silence them by law. At the moment it appears that the efforts have failed – but rest assured – like Hitler, they will succeed one day – and possibly by violent use of force if history is any indicator.

The men of the Munich Post saw Hitler as a “political criminal.” Rosenbaum is at pains to draw the distinction between a criminal politician and a political criminal: “Hitler’s evil” he concluded. “was not generated from some ideology that descended into criminality and murder to achieve its aims. Rather his evil arose from his criminality and only garbed itself in ideological belief.”

Given the behavior of the political Left from the Clintons, to Pelosi, Murtha, Durbin, Schumer and the host of the Democrat Left – the ideal is that the end desires justifies any means to acquire their goals. Whether they sabotage our war efforts to secure defeat for political points towards outright threats and investigations by the IRS and front groups like George Soros’ Media Matters, the Political Left – like the Nazis are playing for keeps. The nature of tyrants is to cover their own wrongdoing by wrapping themselves up in the cloaks of ‘serving the downtrodden’, which is really nothing but a pandering ploy to the masses to achieve power for themselves, and sadly – it appears they may get what they desire given the duped masses rallying to the calls for government mandated healthcare and punishing business for ‘having too much”.

But what Mr. Dart notes next is the most important thing I want us to consider and meditate on, comparing it to the political landscape we currently see in America today:

Think carefully about this. The political structure of the time lent itself to adapting one’s programs, chameleon like, to the needs and wants of the people. The political promises made did not arise from real conviction, but from a drive to power. When politicians change their beliefs and positions to get elected, they are doing the same thing Hitler did. Except that Hitler did not sacrifice principles to get into power. He had no principles to sacrifice. But when a modern politician changes positions to get elected, he is playing the same game Hitler played. Perhaps with less malice for now, but the same game.

Watching the debates this past week, I could not help but recall this passage as I watched Tim Russert and even John Edwards note that Hillary Clinton changed her position in the space of two minutes time. It is self evident that Hillary will say and do anything and everything to get into the White House. Sadly none of the Democrats are exempt from that observation, and neither are most of the Republican Candidates. The difference being the drive for power, and absolute power that the stated agendas seek should send shivers down the spine of any American who understands true liberty. Unfortunately, it is looking like the emoting gimme-gimme masses are outnumbering those who should be frightened by what is being campaigned on.

Remember, it was not merely Hitler. What the Munich Post saw was a homicidal criminal enterprise that grew up around Hitler as the center. Rosenbaum saw in the yellowing pages of the Munich Post the signature crimes of Hitler and the Hitler party: Blackmailing and counterfeiting (not just money, but history itself). The stories of political blackmail outlined in the Munich Post were an absolute snake pit. They blackmailed their enemies, they blackmailed one another, they blackmailed other countries.
And it was right here that I saw a terrible convergence starting to take place. For the signature crimes of the devil are blackmail and counterfeiting.
The investigative work of the Munich Post reporters is staggering. They had copies of documents, blackmail letters, threats, extortion letters. They published it all. Over twelve years, they cataloged every crime of the Hitler party for the German public. They maintained a daily log of murders. Cumulatively, what one saw in the pages of the Munich Post was the extermination of the best and bravest people in Germany. Hitler succeeded, according to Rosenbaum, by killing off his most capable opponents and by blackmailing the rest. When his two best generals would not go along with him, he blackmailed them out of the military and replaced them with men more pliant.

Everything gravitates towards those in power – and loyalty, patriotism and righteousness will take a back seat to those who seek to share in power. This applies to industry as well as those in any career that seeks preservation and advancement, be they civilian or military.

One of the saddest pages of this story is the fact that Hitler went from a politician on the wane, who had suffered an electoral setback, to the chancellorship of Germany in just a few short weeks. Many historians believe he blackmailed his way into the chancellorship. After one week of Hitler in power, the Post published their regular murder count. There were 18 dead, 34 wounded in that one week alone. In a matter of days, the Munich Post was stormed by the SA, trashed, the editors and reporters arrested, most finally killed. Two made it to France and lived to tell the story.
Nearly every crime of the Hitler Party was chronicled in the pages of the Munich Post in the twelve years leading up to Hitler’s final power grab. But the public in Germany were never impressed by any of this, and this may be the most astonishing thing of all. I can only conclude that they did not want to see. Other papers published some, not all, of this material.
What happened? The Hitler propaganda machine denied everything. They lied in their teeth and the people chose to believe it.

I cannot help but note the similarities of that observation and those of our current American culture.

When I post news about religious exercise being banned, I get blank stares and suggestions that I’m a conspiratorial loony bin. When we see story after story promulgating the absurd myths of man-made global warming in the effort to redistribute our wealth – I cannot help but see that people will choose to believe the lie in order to go with the herd in what they are being led to do.

Ultimately, such herding is always to the slaughterhouse, but a people who forget history – will not understand that – and will refuse to believe it when urged to see this truth.

The struggle taking place in the next year for this country’s highest office will be assisted by the efforts of great spiritual evil, using men and women and their zeal for power like marionettes. They will pander to the base desires of selfish greed and vice. If this nation enters economic hardship and financial collapse as the credit and derrivative banking crisis deepens, the parallels to the Weimar Republic that gave birth to Adolph Hitler may become more than ironic – but a living nightmare. Couple that with another Jihadist attack and everything we know will be turned upside down. A people in hardship with no self reliance or responsiblity will gladly surrender whatever Liberty they have for a promise of bread and sustenance. Hillary Clinton and the host of Democrats have already watered and fertilized that soil. A rudderless Republican party following the plows of the DNC in nearly similar efforts of expanding the state to heights unseen does not give me much hope the future will be any different – except for how fast we hit the brick wall. Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath was nothing but a foretaste of a dependent people fettering blame and positioning themselves for greater power.

The zetigeist of Politial correctness is an agenda steeped in hatred of God and morality. The foundations of liberty in America are built on God and morality – and once those seeking power acquire it – the elimination of our Godly foundation will really begin in earnest. Those in talk radio, the Conservative blogosphere and anyone speaking out in defense of our God-ordained rights and freedoms will be targeted, just like those in the Munich Post.

We have been warned.

History is screaming at us, right now.

The parallels are frightening.

Yet onward we march to the gates of a new Auschwitz.

As you watch what looks to become a Soviet-style propaganda circus for Hillary Clinton or whomever ends up being the nominee – recall this essay by Ron Dart, and remember that the warnings have been made loud and clear.

Warnings like this one: Hillary’s Ruthless and Bloodless Revolution

With all these trumpets sounding to alarm us, liberty’s blood will be on our own heads – and not the watchmen who are crying aloud the warnings.


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