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The Willful Ignorance Of Fascist Tyranny: Germany 1937- America 2015


America has been fundamentally transformed into a burgeoning Nazi Germany and We The People deny that we are on the same path simply because targeted groups are not being loaded onto boxcars for death panels.

Whenever there is a comparison of current events to Nazi Germany and it’s atrocities, Americans tend to roll their eyes up into their skulls in an automatic reflex of disdain and dismissal.  “It’s absurd” is the declaration. Comparing the Land of the Free with a genocidal Fascist regime under the dictatorship of a madman who thought he was god by whom made an entire industry of exterminating undesirables?

Perish the thought!

This would be due to the absolute historical ignorance of a majority of Americans who do not recognize Mussolini-styled Fascism parading as the federal government and corporatism today.  Neither do Americans consider the industrial extermination of 55 million infants in the womb (an entire generation of Americans) as being on par with gas chambers that nearly eradicated the existing Jewish population of Europe.   A fair charge, I mean after all – not even the Nazis were selling harvested organs and tissue of their dead victims to the highest bidder – but if they were, Hitler would no doubt have had the Volksgerichtshof issue a restraining order to silence anyone attempting to expose their nefarious deeds, threaten anyone daring to report the news and employ Schutzhaft for the good of the Homelannnn…. – er….. I mean, the Fatherland.

My Pal John Galt Fl nails historical parallel observations in this stunning essay.

1937 Germany vs. 2015 America: Camps? What Camps?

by John Galt

The common refrain for non-Jewish citizens in Germany in the late 1930’s when seriously queried about the concentration camps was either to reply that they were from criminals and malcontents or to simply reply:

Camps? What Camps?

This is the exact same attitude by the majority of the American people today on a wide number of subjects relating to life and freedom within the borders of this former Constitutional Republic.

For example, most Americans have no clue what an “administrative search” is and if it violates their 4th Amendment rights to protection from unreasonable search and seizure. As a refresher, here is the direct phrasing from the 4th Amendment for those that are a bit rusty:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Pretty cut and dry, correct? How many of you, including yours truly, have surrendered this right in the past five or ten years?

Anyone who has flown on a United States domestic or international flight, so quit denying that you have not surrendered this Constitutional right. In fact in the case of Corbett v. U.S., U.S. Supreme Court, No. 11-1413, which was denied a hearing by the U.S. Supreme Court, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals stated the following in its decision:

As other circuits have held, and as the Supreme Court has strongly suggested, screening passengers at an airport is an “administrative search” because the primary goal is not to determine whether any passenger has committed a crime but rather to protect the public from a terrorist attack…..An administrative search does not require individualized suspicion. …Instead, whether an administrative search is “unreasonable” within the condemnation of the Fourth Amendment “is determined by assessing, on the one hand, the degree to which it intrudes upon an individual’s privacy and, on the other, the degree to which it is needed for the promotion of legitimate governmental interests.” United States v. Knights, 534 U.S. 112, 118-19 (2001)….

That balance clearly favors the Government here. The need to search airline passengers “to ensure public safety can be particularly acute”…and, crucially, an AIT scanner, unlike a magnetometer, is capable of detecting, and therefore of deterring, attempts to carry aboard airplanes explosives in liquid or powder form. On the other side of the balance, we must acknowledge the steps the TSA has already taken to protect passenger privacy, in particular distorting the image created using AIT and deleting it as soon as the passenger has been cleared. More telling, any passenger may opt-out of AIT screening in favor of a pat down, which allows him to decide which of the two options for detecting a concealed, nonmetallic weapon or explosive is least invasive.

But don’t worry boys and girls because there are not any camps?

Camps? What camps?

Of course the Republicans and Democrats who receive tens of thousands of dollars in donations could not care about the Bill of Rights or CAPITALISM as all of my readers learned about at a young age and found it to be a suitable economic instrument for future success. Why do I bring this subject up in the context of this article? During the 1930’s, the Nazi Party of Germany had a nasty habit of supplanting its labor force by “recruiting” prison labor to keep the cost of manufacturing low; especially for dangerous industries like coal mining, ammunition production, and of course, chemical factories.

Fast forward to modern day Communist China and one realizes that the program they engage in by using slave labor to produce the plastic widgets and the ironic “Christmas” goodies Americans love to decorate with and the program the Nazi Party of Germany used to maintain low cost labor within its manufacturing facilities using political malcontents is in full force within the confines of our largest trading partner.

But is it isolated to just Communist China?


From Yahoo Finance’s The Daily Ticker, August 6 2013:

In 1984 the Corrections Corporation of America (CXW) revolutionized the way prisons in the United States operate. The company took over a prison facility in Hamilton County, Tennessee — the first time a private operator was contracted to run a jail. More prison companies were created and contracts continued to flow — between 1990 and 2010 the number of privately operated prisons in the U.S. increased 1600%. The increase in privately operated prisons has outpaced both the growth of public prison facilities and even the U.S. population.

Just a fact to prepare my readers for what else was in the article:

Private prisons bring in about $3 billion in revenue annually, and over half of that comes from holding facilities for undocumented immigrants. Private operations run between 50% to 55% of immigrant detainment facilities. The immigration bill battling its way through Washington right now might also mean good things for private prisons. Some estimate that the crackdown on undocumented immigrants will lead to 14,000 more inmates annually with 80% of that business going to private prisons.

The prison industry has also made money by contracting prison labor to private companies. The companies that have benefited from this cheap labor include Starbucks (SBUX), Boeing (BA), Victoria’s Secret, McDonalds (MCD) and even the U.S. military. Prison laborers cost between 93 cents and $4 a day and don’t need to collect benefits, thus making them cheap employees.

Federal Prison Industries, a company that contracts out prison labor, made over $900 million in revenue last year. FPI has prisoners working in apparel, clean energy, printing, document conversion and call centers. While FPI claims that prisoners are gaining real-world skills and learning trades, some argue otherwise.

“This is a threat to not just established industries; it’s a threat to emerging industries,” says Representative Bill Huizenga (R-Mich).

The typical, average, reality television American would simply reply to these facts, “great, I get my Starbucks Triple Venti Mocha Latte dirt cheap in a prison manufactured plastic mug” or something stupid like that. But what they fail to realize is that it could happen to them, a false incarceration on trumped up charges or worse, to their children as demonstrated in Pennsylvania in 2009 (From theNY Times):

At worst, Hillary Transue thought she might get a stern lecture when she appeared before a judge for building a spoof MySpace page mocking the assistant principal at her high school in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. She was a stellar student who had never been in trouble, and the page stated clearly at the bottom that it was just a joke.

Instead, the judge sentenced her to three months at a juvenile detention center on a charge of harassment.

She was handcuffed and taken away as her stunned parents stood by.

Prison for profit is one thing. But how long until individuals start losing their rights to vote and own firearms due to trumped of charges based on political commentary on web pages begins? Too late my friends, it already has. If the Federal Government determines that it is in the long term need of our nation to detain individuals of questionable political belief to ensure a ready made supply of cheap labor, then those individuals will continue to be arrested and convicted. This dangerous trend will accelerate as America’s largest corporations look for low cost labor alternatives to the minimum wage circus being imposed by unions and Marxist organizations around the country. Don’t worry though, these camps do not affect tonight’s reality television or sports broadcasting lineup.

Or camps; what camps?

Thankfully, our nation has not proceeded straight into the evil Nazi practices of medical experimentation on its citizens or unborn yet right?

Planned Parenthood Video Expose #2 

The Latest Planned Parenthood Video

Camps? What camps?

Welcome back to 1937 my fellow Americans. We are now no different from Nazi Germany that we defeated in combat except that we deny that we are on the same path and have not begun to openly round up Jews or other minorities due to their religious beliefs; however devout Christians and Jews should start to get nervous.

I could easily spend tens of thousands of words highlighting the direct correlations from the usurpation of our Constitution to the political complicity of our elected officials. But why waste my breath when everything is so wonderful?

Because after all, there are no camps, right? What camps?


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America Heading Way Of Nazi Germany


Indiana treasurer Richard Mourdock warned that the failing economy is pushing the country the way of Nazi Germany

History teaches great lessons and the one of the greatest lessons to learn is that human nature never changes.

Scripture declares it:

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun” – Ecclesiastes 1:9

America’s Founders understood this, which is why they created a Republic with divided Government containing a system of checks and balances intended to LIMIT government and prevent it from becoming a TYRANNY – which human nature teaches is an assured fate.  The Founders considered human nature and history and understood that Ecclesiastes was gospel truth and warned the American people repeatedly that they needed to be vigilant in safeguarding their liberties.

But today – this people will be destroyed for a lack of knowledge.  It no longer considers the lessons of history.  A lifetime of peace and plenty, incredible technology and wealth, the American people, thinking themselves wise, have become fools by accepting the beguiling of the Secular Left and have rested in the false comfort that history and human nature no longer applies.

Most Americans, indeed even most in the Republican Party whom I read, are lecturing themselves that electing more Republicans will restore the Constitution and we will be saved from disaster and the tyranny now being installed that is staring us in the face. They are not even paying attention to what is being SAID and DONE that negates their false hopes.  They are not even CONSIDERING the possibility that we already have a defacto dictatorship under Obama.

Obama Says He Is “In A Strong Position” To Amend The Constitution Himself”

I contend most Americans have a fatal case of Normalcy Bias.

But scripture and what the Foundners warned us because of their understanding of history and human nature stands in truth and cannot be shaken.

When anyone in a position of influence or political power states a similar warning, watch how they are immediately impugned, castigated and laughed at:



“The people of Germany in a free election selected the Nazi party because they made great promises that appealed to them because they were desperate and destitute. And why is that? Because Germany was bankrupt,” Mourdock said to a crowd gathered at the Indiana Republican Convention on Saturday.

In the 1930’s during the Great Depression and under the pressure of the Treaty of Versailles, the National Socialist Party showered the poor with bread and put millions of unemployed to work with government programs before leading the entire world into war.

“Over the next several years, every time a program began to fall apart, Mr. Hitler’s party was very, very good at dividing Germany by pointing to this group or that group,” Mourdock continued. “First they went after their political opponents. Then they went after the aristocrats. Then they went after the trade unionists. And ultimately, of course, they went after the Jews. They deprived them of their property, their rights, their citizenship, and for millions their humanity. Because they were bankrupt!”

And immediately here come the fools screaming in outrage that such a warning should even be made:

“We are extremely disappointed to learn that Treasurer Mourdock chose to invoke the rise of Hitler and the heinous acts of the Nazis in comparison to America’s national debt,” said Shelby Anderson, president of the Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council. “Such comparisons are highly offensive and trivialize both the suffering and memory of the six million Jews and millions of others who perished under the Nazi regime.”

“[It’s] deplorable to suggest that a nation in debt is somehow one step away from perpetrating crimes reminiscent of Nazi Germany,” vice president of the council Stephen Klapper added.

What is even more deplorable, is that this very same religious block nearly unanimously supports the MarxoFascists under Obama and the Democrats.  That they choose to ignore the lessons that their own relatives and people suffered just 70 years ago, when the signs of warning are all around them, is an abject lesson in sheep being led off a cliff.


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So It Begins…in America

The Marxists and Leftists Get Their Reichstag Moment Over Abortion Doctor Slaying



“If the world hates you,  know that it hated me before it hated you. – John 15:18

And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake”. – Matthew 10:22, Mark 13:13, Luke 21:17 

One of the sad travesties of American Churchianity, is that the truth of Jesus’ Words that Christians would be hated, reviled and persecuted in the world has been lost on the collective conscience of American Christians with both our long-term prosperity and safety on these shores.  In particular;  the dominance of the Health/Wealth Gospel of Televangelists and mega-churches has reshaped the Christian religion in America to something more akin to milquetoast and tepid water, rather than a vibrant and powerful belief system capable of sustaining a culture as was intended from our foundations.

The very notion that Christians could be hated and persecuted in America has often been laughed at and roundly dismissed by even some of the most ardent pastors and priests in the nation.  “That can’t happen here” is the general mindset, yet Jesus spoke in all four Gospels that such persecution would befall His followers – especially at the ‘end of the age’ of which timeframe He was specifically addressing.

For Americans, it is one thing to recognize Christian persecution and martyrdom in places like China, North Korea, the former Soviet Union and in Islamic lands, it is wholly another to even contemplate such things taking place in America.

Yet they are about to, and indeed – are at the very door.

I doubt many Americans have considered the amount of hatred and hostility that has built against Conservatives and the biblically devout (both Christians and Jews) in America during the last few decades.  Hatred that the Christian right has mistakenly appeased and accommodated time and again.  Hatred that has actually caused Christians to modify their own beliefs and doctrines in order to appease the hatred.

But there is no appeasing such hatred.  It only emboldens the hatred.

Then, when you have hatred and anger being stoked by political opportunists, lobbyists and agenda-pushers that occupy the highest offices in the land with access to a pliant and approving media –  you have all the makings for a mass persecution and genocide.  One that is inevitably coming upon the biblically devout in this land.

Go ahead, laugh at the remark.  Think it an absurdity.  Think it impossible.

Remember the DHS Assessment from two months ago that classified Right Wing Christians as terrorists and the greatest threat to the security of the United States?


It’s unfolding before your eyes.  How long are you going to remain willfully blind?   “It cannot happen here!” cognitive dissonance.

The death camps in Nazi Germany did not spring up overnight either.  The wholesale shunning, criminalization and then genocide of Jews in Germany did not happen in a fortnight.  It all began innocuously enough with the demonization of Jews as a threat to the security of the people.  Several ‘staged events’ by Brownshirts, and the hatred of Jews suddenly had a national spotlight and the acceptance of the mainstream.  It then manifested itself into a little sticker that had to be placed on Jewish businesses in 1934.

In five years trains were running “East” to death camps.

American Christians have not noticed the same machinations being arrayed against them here at home. Demagogues have gained national spotlights, and they use events to further agendas against the targets they want criminalized and eliminated from society.

Such groups and movements are become self-aware of their numbers and power to make demands and if not granted – to threaten and intimidate until they are granted.  The Ban of Gay Marriage in California by voters is just one example now bearing this fruit.

The hard and Secular Left now have their Reichstag moment with the killing of this abortion practitioner George Tiller.  It won’t be long before the media by both innuendo and even direct condemnation – accuse devout Christians and the Christian religion itself to be at fault for this killing.  They will blame pastors who preach against abortion, those in the Right to Life movement who may have done nothing more than pray for these clinics to shut down, with murder.

Oops – spoke too soon, the Kansas City Star already made my prognostication reality.

Tiller’s killers were many

…we already know the identities of his accomplices.  They include every one who has ever called Tiller’s late term abortion clinic a murder mill.

Who ever called Tiller “Tiller the Killer.”   The groups who spent decades fomenting hate toward a man who simply believed that he was serving a purpose by being one of the few doctors in the country performing late-term abortions.

It truly is amazing how predictable the Leftists and Marxists are.  It’s almost hilarious to see them going bezerk screaming “Murder!” over the killing of a man engaged in the industrial slaying of unborn children.

I wonder then if by such absurd notions, that killing Hitler would be viewed in the same light?

But don’t dismiss the threat here brethren.  This killing will become a fulcrum the Secular Left is going to pivot on to demonize Christians as a terror threat to the security of other Americans.  The media, blogs and Op-Ed pieces in the coming days are going to drumbeat this killing – and demonization is going to reach new heights.  You watch.

And don’t think Obama won’t capitalize on this event.  He was embarrassed over the leak of the DHS assessment of Right Wing Extremists that categorize just about anyone opposes his agenda or holds a devout belief in Christianity with being a terrorist.  This event gives him the gravitas to say the DHS assessment has merit.

Already Obama’s Atty General Eric Holder has dispatched U.S. Marshals to protect abortion clinics and providers throughout the country.

The radical Marxist Left, of whom Abortion is their tenet doctrine of faith – have their Reichstag moment.

How long do Christians in America have before persecution unseen in this country is leveled at them by force of law?

And then – how long after that before trains are running ‘East’?

Still think it is absurd that such things could happen to us here in this country?

Jesus’ words are pretty clear on the subject.

We have been deceived to believe lies of the doctrine of tolerance.  And now it is going to be used against anyone standing up for the Word of God.

“Then shall they deliver you up to be persecuted, and shall kill you: and you shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.  And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.  And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.  And because sin abounds, the love of many shall grow cold.”  Matthew 24:9-12



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