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Obama Cop Says “This Ain’t [your America] No More

Funny how hypocrisy works.  It’s okay to show Bush as Hitler, but not Obama as the Joker.

You can be threatened with arrest if you bring an Obama as the Joker poster to a Townhall meeting.

Remember these?

Well, it’s a new day.  That was then, this is now.  

THIS poster is not allowed to be displayed in public according to police who threatened to arrest a man who had this at a Townhall meeting.

Free speech is only afforded to Marxists and Leftists.

When the cop threatening to arrest the protester was told “I have free speech!  This is America!”  The cop replied “It ‘aint no more”.

Watch this:

Welcome to Hope and Change.

UPDATE: WND has more info on this story – notably that the Officer is NOT a policeman, but a school security guard.


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