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Obama’s C-Span Lies as Pelosi’s Politburo Moves Healthcare Negotiations Behind Closed Doors

It’s actually refreshing to see the former mainstream media actually attempting to pull off some honest reporting.

Obama made more than 8 SPECIFIC promises that the Health Care negotiations would be done in full public view and on C-span.  Like everything else, he lied.  Here’s the video proof – though one has to wonder how long it will remain before Youtube yanks it.  Kudos to Naked Emperor News for nailing it.

Here’s the Wicked Witch of D.C. pulling a Josef Stalin on declaring that the health care debate has been the most “open and honest and transparent process”.  Notice the hatred and contempt she displays when pressed with the fact she is not being forthright with the fact the conference negotiations are taking place in secret behind closed doors, AFTER the fact the bills themselves were created in secret by unknown persons in the Obama Administration (Communist Van Jones reportedly helped write the omnibus Stimulus bill).

When pressed by the White House Press Corps, Obama Propaganda Stooge Robert Gibbs refused to answer any questions and spouted this belligerent gibberish.

So clearly, the Constitution, tradition, rules and ethics are out the window with Obama’s Politburo hacks recreating the Kremlin West and doing The Kruschev in ramming this thing down our throats whether we like it or not, and they refuse to be held to account whether we like it or not.

It’s called tyranny folks.  They simply have not gotten to the bayonet and club stage.

But they will.

It’s what ALL MARXISTS in power resort to in order to get their way.

UPDATE: White House permits only ONE HOUR of coverage of the Health Care Bill.

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