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Obama Is Jesus and Palin is Pilate

Just when you thought the insanity of those worshipping Obama as messiah couldn’t get any more blasphemous, the Democrats have taken up the new mantras of the lunatic fringe bloggers at the Daily Kos, and respond to Sarah Palin’s jab at Barrack The Hussein Obama’s experience as a Community Organizer with the slogan: “Jesus was a Community Organizer, Pilate was a Governor”.

If you thought these efforts to equate Obama with a persecuted Jesus was limited to just the lunatic kook fringe marxists on the web, think again.  Democrats themselves have taken up this new campaign slogan, going so far as to have this slogan entered into the Congressional Record during two minute speeches on the House floor:

So with a single ridiculous stretch of blasphemy and smear, the Democrats attempt to suggest that their messiah, Obama is Jesus being persecuted by an evil, mean Governor Palin, who could condemn Obama’s candidacy as king to death.

This newfound mantra is not limited to Democrats, now the media has picked up the blasphemy football and is running with it.

This is infuriating, to suggest Obama is like Jesus for his rabble-rousing days as a street agitator in Chicago working with the likes of ACORN is akin to Jesus “organizing” in Galilee and Jerusalem is blasphemy plain and simple.  If anything, Obama is more like Hitler in the days of community organizing the Brownshirts into acting against the Jews than to any sliver of comparison to Jesus.  William Ayers, Al Capone, Charles Manson were community organizers.  Ronald Reagan was a Governor, before he became President. 

But of course this new campaign slogan for the Democrats simply illustrates the mindset and absurdity of the Democrat Left in total.  They not only demand everyone sing hosanna’s at the feet of their Marxist messiah, they will smear and destroy anyone who stands in their way – even going to so far as to draw an allegory of the Roman Procurator condemning the Son of God to death.

Joseph Farah has some strong words on this insult to Christians:

Demeaning Jesus as a “community organizer” is an insult to every Christian believer in the world. But, more importantly, it is a reckless, blasphemous and profane attack on the Divine Person who sits at the right hand of God the Father.

I wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of anyone who throws around such mischaracterizations of the Living God for political gain.

Further, the allusions to Barack Obama as being Christ-like are more than some of us can take. Jesus never justified the killing of unborn children and the intentional, deliberate murder of those who miraculously survived abortions, as Barack Obama has. Jesus never advocated indoctrinating kindergarten children with “comprehensive sex education,” even against the will of their parents, as has Barack Obama. Jesus never sat at the feet of an immoral, ungodly teacher like Jeremiah Wright.

And what about the comparison between Palin and Pilate? What’s the connection? Well, they were both governors, after all. My count shows there are some 28 Democratic governors in the United States, not counting the American territories. Are they all Pilates, too?

Since Sarah Palin joined the Republican ticket, the fortunes of Barack Obama and Joe Biden have faded. The desperation being shown by Democratic officials is palpable in the wake of polls suggesting a major turnaround has taken place.

But there is no excuse for this kind of degrading verbal abuse, this kind of outrageous, offensive scorn, this kind of derisive, derogatory taunt.

It’s amazing that this is the party that constantly talks about a new brand of politics – one absent the personal attacks, one focused on the important issues facing Americans.

What a joke!

Fortunately, the desperation shows – and it is not appealing to the public.

But it’s not enough to make Obama pay for this. It’s time to make the Democratic Party pay.

Every two years Americans have a chance, theoretically anyway, to elect 435 new members of the House of Representatives. We have that opportunity again Nov. 4. There is also a chance to turn over 35 Senate seats.

I know all about “safe” districts. I know all about gerrymandering. I know all about the obstacles to overcoming incumbency. But bigger odds have been overcome in American history. We’ve faced much tougher challenges. Stop whining about how it’s impossible to make a difference and get to work making a difference.

The Democratic Party obviously doesn’t believe in miracles. It believes only in “community organizing.” I do believe in miracles. If you agree with me, I suggest we pray fervently between now and Nov. 4 for God to remove all the unworthy officials from Congress this year – starting with Steve Cohen of Tennessee.


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