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Mitch McConnell Proves It’s Tea Party Conservatives He Will War Against – Not Obama or Democrats


McConnell’s vitriol against Opponent Matt Bevin showcases that The GOP Leader’s guns are only primed for Conservatives, doing the dirty work for Obama and the Democrats.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has been amazingly silent in Washington recently regarding all the various Administration scandals from Benghazi to the IRS targeting of Conservative groups to other divisive political issues the country is confronting from Amnesty to ObamaCare.

But Mitch McConnell is suddenly VERY vocal, and goes for the throat when it comes to any primary challengers or Conservatives that calls his leadership into question. In an incredible illustration of Jeckyll and Hyde, the Kentucky Ruling Class Establishment leader is resorting to constant trashing of his new primary opponent Matt Bevin as ‘not a Conservative’, but a ‘fraud’ in radio, mail and TV attack ads that air at seemingly at every commercial break.  The harsh accusations from McConnell against Bevin range from charges Bevin is a tax cheat, welfare recipient, swindler, carpet-bagger and a Conservative fraud”.  This is hilarious coming from one of the greatest Conservative frauds now in politics.

Along with John McCain, Eric Cantor and John Boehner – McConnell is a key part of the Establishment Triumvirate that sees Conservatives and Tea Party Americans as a nuisance at best, and a dangerous enemy at worst.  When it’s Primary time, they pretend to be Conservatives to win what used to be the Republican base, but once they are seated – they govern against Conservatives and side with or capitulate to the Obama/Liberal Democrat agenda nine times out of ten.  That is McConnell’s record of failed leadership.

Scripture tells us ‘Wherefore by their fruits you shall know them’. Matthew 7:20

The fruits of Mitch McConnell proves that he’s all political rhetoric, while his actions and those of the entire Ruling Class GOP Judenrat leadership, prove they are no friends of Conservative Americans (Witness John McCain suggesting he might vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 if Tea Party Conservative Rand Paul is the GOP nominee).  They will attack and smear Conservatives in ways they NEVER publicly attack the anti-America agenda of Obama and the MarxoFascist Democrats.   They do so only in the polite company of rabid supporters and then go back to Washington to work hand-in-hand with Obama.

The facts are that the GOP leadership under McConnell, Cantor and Boehner have accommodated Obama’s agenda while they sat silent in the face of the NSA/IRS and Benghazi scandals.   They surrendered their opposition with Harry Reid’s Rules change ‘nuclear option’ threat – giving Obama and the Democrats EVERYTHING they wanted.   They continually run interference for Obama and hamstrung several committees looking into those criminal issues and have been mum to the press and public about them.  But comes a primary with a Conservative to challenge their failed leadership – then the big guns that sat silent in holsters while Obama and the Democrats rape the Constitution, suddenly come out firing and the war cries to the death are hurled.

The Ruling Class GOP leadership demonstrates it is fully-capable of standing in opposition to those things it hates – and what the fruits show us all, is that they are silent in opposition to Obama, but vitriolic in their battles against Conservatives who do not lick their palms, or sit silent or capitulate to the agenda that is subjugating liberty into tyranny.  In fact, I believe McConnell and the GOP leadership hate and disdain Tea Party/Reagan Conservatives as much as Obama and his MarxoFascists do.  We see it daily, the glee from Democrats to have the GOP leadership go to war for them against their common foe in Conservatism.

The fruits of this fact are self-evident in the war Mitch McConnell is waging against primary challenger Matt Bevin.  Never have I witnessed such intense opposition and efforts to tear down a man from within his own party, than what I am reading, watching and hearing from Mitch McConnell’s campaign for re-election.  Worst of all, McConnell has to LIE in order to sell the illusion that HE IS THE REAL CONSERVATIVE.

Even the liberal Washington com-Post had some fact-check digging of McConnell’s claims against Bevin and awarded McConnell’s attacks on Bevin three out of four Pinocchio’s for nasal stretching of the truth:

Labeling McConnell’s rival as “Bailout Bevin” — complete with a Web site called bailoutbevin.com — is especially misleading, given the ad does not point to any long history by Matt Bevin of accepting state or federal assistance. This grant — a more accurate term — is specifically tied to maintaining job growth and is aimed at small businesses, and was received after a significant setback.

Although the ad highlights the company’s failure to pay taxes on time, the East Hampton tax liens highlighted in the ad were actually paid in full before the grant was issued.

The image portrayed in the ad is that Bevin gets “bailouts” while skipping out on his taxes. The reality is that, after financial success, he became involved in a small family business with historic roots in the community and had started to get the company back on its feet when tragedy struck. Rather than throw in the towel, he decided to try to rebuild the business, with some state aid.

Ordinarily, one would think McConnell would celebrate such gumption by a small business owner.

Where is this kind of passionate opposition from McConnell against Obama, or the Democrat agenda, or ObamaCare? The efforts Obama and the Congress attempted to strip us of our Second Amendment Rights?


Even McConnell’s so-called efforts to stop Obama’s War on Coal – are laughable.  Like everything else McConnell does, he simply makes a speech and then sits back and DOES NOTHING to help others actually waging his so-called effort to stop Obama, while sabotaging many Conservative efforts behind the scenes.

Conservatives in the House passed H.R.3409, the Stop the War on Coal Act, even with the help of some Democrats.  McConnell did NOTHING to help push that bill or its provisions to the Senate floor and fight for it.  McConnell has done nothing to stop the EPA’s ridiculous oversights or to reign in those rogue agencies – rather he surrendered any opposition to Obama’s radical picks for agencies like the EPA and labor board when Harry Reid threatened to change the Senate rules.

McConnell doesn’t put his money where his mouth is.  Instead of running ads every ten minutes against another Conservative, perhaps it would have been wiser to run them against Obama’s agenda?

Nah…. They have a “civil process” in the Senate that apparently doesn’t allow negative attack ads against Democrats or Obama

Another example of all mouth – no substance –

McConnell keeps insisting he “Has worked to oppose ObamaCare every step of the way”.  He just said that this past weekend at a political Picnic in Western Kentucky.

But that claim is absolute garbage – a total twist on the truth and reality.  He says one thing for the cameras, and works behind the scenes to do the exact opposite, even INTIMIDATING other Senators to drop Conservative positions in order to advance Obama’s agenda:

Sen. McConnell is quick to tell us that he has checked every box on the “oppose Obamacare” checklist. He has held plenty of press conferences declaring his opposition to Obamacare. But behind the scenes he has done everything in his power to stymie any real chance at eliminating the biggest expansion of government in modern history.

…Utah Senator Mike Lee is leading an effort to defund Obamacare as part of negotiations over the government’s funding bills for the upcoming fiscal year, which begins October 1, 2013. Senator Lee has issued a letter, signed by 13 of his colleagues, declaring:

Utah Senator Mike Lee is leading an effort to defund Obamacare as part of negotiations over the government’s funding bills for the upcoming fiscal year, which begins October 1, 2013. Senator Lee has issued a letter, signed by 13 of his colleagues, declaring:

We view the Obama Administration’s recent decision to delay Obamacare’s employer mandate and eligibility verification for the individual exchanges as further proof the law is a failure that will inevitably hurt businesses, American families, and the economy.

In light of this admission, we believe the only way to avert disaster is to fully repeal Obamacare and start over with a more sensible, practical approach to reforming our healthcare system.

However, if Democrats will not agree with Republicans that Obamacare must be repealed, perhaps they can at least agree with the president that the law cannot be implemented as written.  If the administration will not enforce the law as written, then the American people should not be forced to fund it.

Not only has Sen. McConnell refused to sign this letter, he is twisting arms behind the scenes, convincing senators to remove their signatures from Sen. Lee’s letter. To date, five senators have fallen prey to Sen. McConnell’s intimidation tactics.

So while McConnell is out there on the campaign trail shouting “I opposed ObamaCare every step of the way” – it turns out that the truth is – he is sabotaging the last-chance effort we have to stop ObamaCare before it is implemented.  Even going so far as to intimidate other Senators to remove their support from the effort to stop and defund ObamaCare.

In Fact, McConnell’s position on ObamaCare is what John Boehner’s position is: go along with it.  Listen to what GOP Rep Robert Pittenger said over the weekend in North Carolina when asked about defunding ObamaCare:

That is the official GOP Ruling Class position on stopping and defunding ObamaCare: NO.

McConnell is part of the Ruling Class Oligarchy that MUST be run out of D.C. if Liberty has any chance of surviving.  McConnell is absolutely no Conservative – you can see those fruits by the war he is waging on Conservatives like Matt Bevin and his record of capitulation in Washington.

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Christian Evangelicals Against Mitt


I’m only posting this story because I’ve been witness to some pretty nasty and vile comments coming from Christians on Conservative Forums that seem to hate Mormons like Mitt Romney more than Secular Humanists and Socialists like Hillary and Obama that have done far more to harm their liberty to worship than Romney’s devotion to his faith.

I guess ever since the brouhaha of Mike Huckabee’s comments against Mormon doctrine, the arguments against Romeny’s qualifications to be president because of his denominational beliefs has come right to the fore as candidates and campaigns try to woo the Christian vote.

Understandably, the Christian Right feels as though it has been set adrift by the GOP over the push within the party to expell the Evangelical wing of the Christian Right from the party in favor of Big Government Liberal Compassionate Conservatism. What is interesting to me, that as the Democrat Left tries to create it’s own Christian Christian Socialist coalition, the opposite political spectrum of Bible-based Conservatives are rabidly embracing a Baptist preacher, who espouses the very Liberal Big Government Conservatism that set them adrift in the first place.

The difference?

Apparently preaching credentials, dropping the name of Jesus and that Huckabee is not a Mormon, who as some have said on forums and blog commentaries – are Satan’s false religion minions.

Not only do I find that harsh, but also more than a bit ridiculous.

Apparently in this day and age, merits and record are not the deciding factors in whether or not someone is fit for the presidential office. But whether or not they believe in Free Universal Healthcare as a Constitutional right, Global Warming and whether or not they believe in doctrines that some say are demonic.

Somehow, I don’t think anyone on the Democrat side is going to eat Obama alive because he was raised a Muslim and converted to Christianity as a young adult. Funny how the Stupid Party will toss their own to the dogs in order to vote for a preacher who is really Bill Clinton Light.

Evangelicals Against Mitt
By Carrie Sheffield

Mitt Romney is facing an unexpected challenge in Iowa from rival Mike Huckabee, who has enjoyed a groundswell of support from religious voters, particularly evangelical Christians wary of the clean-cut former Massachusetts governor because of his Mormon religion.

The common worry among evangelicals is that if Romney were to capture the White House, his presidency would give legitimacy to a religion they believe is a cult. Since the LDS church places heavy emphasis on proselytizing — there are 53,000 LDS missionaries worldwide — many mainstream Christians are afraid that Mormon recruiting efforts would increase and that LDS membership rolls would swell.

One such concerned evangelical, Tricia Erickson, was raised in the Mormon faith but left as an adult. She has attended the McLean Bible Church in northern Virginia. Erickson adamantly opposes the LDS church, which she considers a brainwashing cult. She has launched a media blitz designed to discredit Romney based on his religion.

In an interview, Erickson told me that Romney has “got the image. He’s a good business man. He has the coiffed hair with every hair in place. … He has a pretty, blonde Mormon wife; he has a chiseled face. He is very polished. He has that image which Mormons develop through the Mormon Church to present to the public to give credibility to the religion.”

Or take Bill Keller, evangelical host of the Florida-based “Live Prayer TV.” Last year he told his reported 2.4 million e-mail subscribers that a vote for Romney would mean a vote for Satan.

“The presidency is the most powerful position in the world,” Keller explained to me. “If Romney was elected president, it would give mainstream credibility and acceptance to the Mormon cult and lead millions of people into that cult.”

THE ONLY PROBLEM with those fears is that they don’t add up. Evangelicals may be surprised to learn that the growth of church membership in Massachusetts slowed substantially during Romney’s tenure as governor. In fact, one could make the absurdly simplistic argument that Romney was bad for Mormonism.

Consider: From 1997 to 2002, the six years prior to Romney’s governorship, LDS church membership in Massachusetts grew by a rate of nearly 40 percent. During the four years Romney was in office, membership growth slowed to a snail’s pace — a mere 1.7 percent, according to membership statistics kept by the church and published in the LDS Church Almanac. The national growth rate during that same period was about three times the Massachusetts number: 5.1 percent.

During the Romney years, the number of Mormon wards and branches, congregations that are created and dissolved based on geography and population, in the Bay State rose by one and fell by one, indicating that congregational growth was static. Nationwide, the number of congregations grew by 7.3 percent.

When I put these growth rates to both Erickson and Keller, they didn’t dispute the numbers. However, they argued that a Romney presidency would be something else entirely.

Erickson said the Massachusetts stagnancy can be attributed to the liberal nature of the state, where Christianity is declining. However, if Romney won the White House, she argued that Mormons would have an easier time winning converts in the more religious parts of the nation, particularly the South, where church attendance is high.

Keller believes the slowed Massachusetts growth rate is explained by the fact that Massachusetts is a stronghold for Catholics. He claimed these Catholics have grown less willing to listen to Mormon proselytizing but, like Erickson, he fears a Romney presidency will open the floodgates elsewhere.

SUPERFICIALLY, Erickson and Keller’s worries are not crazy. The LDS church has undergone phenomenal growth in the past.

David O. McKay was the ninth prophet and president of the Church, who served from 1951 to 1970. McKay implemented the “every member a missionary” program in 1961 in hopes of spreading the LDS Gospel worldwide, to great effect. Under his tenure, the number of LDS “stakes” — congregational units similar to a Catholic diocese — more than doubled, and total church membership well more than doubled.

Since McKay’s death, subsequent church prophets, apostles, and lay leaders have continued to stress missionary work, particularly singling out lay members of the church as not doing enough to advance the cause. During a 1999 address beamed from Salt Lake City to chapels throughout the world, the current Mormon prophet Gordon B. Hinckley urged members to double the number of people baptized into the Church each year, from 300,000 to 600,000.

However, since Hinckley issued his challenge, the number of church members serving full-time missions has actually decreased, thanks to stricter moral standards church leaders recently created for those seeking to serve missions. True, Church membership has increased, but not to the extent Hinckley had hoped for.

Since Hinckley took over in 1995, membership has grown by about 38 percent, from 9.3 million then to 12.8 million today. The rate is impressive when compared to other religious groups in the United States. However, it has slowed significantly when compared with earlier years of LDS growth. In some places, such as Massachusetts, it has essentially gone flat.

“I don’t know that [the slowed growth rate] has anything to do with [Romney] as much as the conversion rate in America is not moving at the same pace as it was 20 years ago,” said M. Russell Ballard, an LDS apostle who is one of the top-ranking leaders of the church.

Ballard explained that he thought that the problem was much larger: “In a lot of ways, America is drifting a little bit towards religious indifference, similar to what you see in many parts of Europe … [O]ur biggest challenge, to be candid with you, is apathy, is just plain indifference. … [People are] far more interested and worried about the NFL and the NBA than they are about God and their personal purpose in life.”

And while it’s true that many Mormons support Mitt Romney, his candidacy is essentially irrelevant to the larger Mormon project. When I asked one of Ballard’s colleagues, Apostle Quentin L. Cook, whether the church has noticed a Romney “bump,” he said he hasn’t noticed one, and that the question was not one that preoccupied him.

“The missionaries are fully engaged and they’re doing great work. We haven’t done a survey to find out whether there’s been an increase,” Cook said.

ONE WAY TO GAUGE what might happen under a President Romney would be to look at what happened during the period of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. Held in Salt Lake City, they were dubbed the “Mormon Olympics.”

During this period, majority-Mormon Utah garnered vast international attention as more than 8,700 members of the media converged in the Beehive State to cover the games. Despite a rocky, scandal-ridden start (which was cleaned up largely due to the efforts of one Mitt Romney, who was brought in as president and CEO of the Games), the Games finished with a budget surplus, no major security breaches, and warm feelings all around.

Leaders of the LDS church urged members to avoid overt proselytizing in connection with the Games. They did, however, welcome a vast influx of visitors to Temple Square, where the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang, talented Brigham Young University dancers performed in its Conference Center, and leaders presented numerous religious and patriotic services.

Despite all the increased attention, worldwide the Church grew only slightly, and in fact in the year leading up to the games the total number of congregations fell. Overall, from 2000 to 2004, there was a 10.9 percent increase in memberships and a 3.6 percent increase in congregations.

These modest growth figures include children of LDS parents, who are traditionally baptized at age 8, as well as converts from other faiths. The numbers suggest that while the public has had increased exposure to Mormons and the Mormon faith, that doesn’t necessarily translate to a large spike in membership.

The LDS church is likely to continue its current modest-but-impressive growth whether or not Romney wins the White House. Perhaps the only real worry for evangelicals is that, if elected, the former Massachusetts governor will demonstrate to Americans that Mormons don’t have horns.


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Is It Time To Sing The “Ding Dong” Song Yet?


Given the latest Rasmussen poll results for New Hampshire, and Hillary Clinton’s falling poll results to Obama and Edwards since her big loss in Iowa last week, some are calling her campaign finished and “near melting”.

I just thought the pictures were hilarious and speak to the current poltical situation she finds herself in, as the Democrats are in a mad race to see who can out-Marxist the others in the shred and tear fight to become the Great And Powerful Government Oz to control everyone’s lives.

I wouldn’t count Hillary out of the race just yet. The Clinton Mean Machine is probably just getting cranked up, and all of the rumours of her campaign having nasty “information” to smear Obama with will be dumped pretty soon by her flying blog monkeys with no “official” ties to Hillary’s campaign.

Like the rest of the Democrat ‘Undead’, don’t count out what driven ambition for power can unleash. Hillary has crafts at her disposal gifted to her by that Great Political Oz; The Slick. Her Thighness has been known to kill frontrunners and raise the politically dead from the grave of defeat, so unless Obama can bring her broom to the seat of the Democrat Electorate after Super Tuesday, I would be very wary of the Castle Grande Guards she has for an army of supporters in both the media and the halls of power.

Perhaps Obama is smart enough to be carrying around of bucket of water with him.

Meanwhile, the Scarecrows and Tin men of the GOP are still fighting among themselves whether to take the yellow brick road of Isolationism, the Red Brick Road of Socialism Light, or the Road to Nowhere Fast as they argue that their map is the right map to Reagan Conservatism.

We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore Toto.


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Christians Need to Exercise Discernment With Huckabee, He Is Not Much of a Conservative


Mike Huckabee disqualified himself from my ‘possibles’ list over his Baptist doctrinal slams of Mitt Romney a month ago. Since then, the meteoric rise of Huckabee in the polls was most interesting to note – considering many Christian Conservatives feel lost and abandoned by the GOP in the sea of politics.

Some Conservatives observing the Huckabee phenomenon are of the opinion that the Huckabee campaign is simply exploiting Christian Fundamentalists and Evangelicals. They are gravitating to his campaign because he is espousing religious-sounding rhetoric that is pleasing to their ears, but they are overlooking or ignorant of the fact that some of Mike Huckabee’s ideas and support of Big Government programs are to the Left of Hillary Clinton.

Mike Huckabee is riding a populist wave, that much is certain. How long-lasting will it be?

That depends on how deep Christians will look at his record and how wisely they listen to his ideas. The Cato Institute rated Huckabee an “F” in his latest term as Governor.

There are worries that there may be some political subterfuge entering this campaign by Soros/Clinton support that seeks to divide and conquer the Republican party – pitting onse sect of Conservatives against the other.

Huckabee’s latest slam against the GOP illustrates for me that Huckabee is running against his own party, and the hordes of Christians who are rushing to his support are doing so simply because of his preaching credentials. They would do well to read this article that finds on close inspection, that Huckabee’s Theology Degree itself is dubious.

Why do I get nervous and a sick feeling in my gut when I see a picture of Mike Huckabee and Bill Clinton together?

Because I get the feeling based on my study, that they are really, one and the same – on many issues.

Huckabee Blasts Entire GOP

From TIME Magazine:

But as Huckabee now mounts his closing argument for the Iowa caucuses, he has moved full bore into the rhetoric of economic populism. “I am out to change the Republican Party. It needs changing. It needs to be inclusive of all those people across America for whom this party should stand,” he said Sunday, on CBS’s Face The Nation. On the trail, he speaks regularly of challenging the “Washington to Wall Street power axis.” He frankly acknowledges the suffering of the stagnating middle class, and even offers up government as a part of the solution. “The President ought to be aware that the people struggle,” he said in Muscatine on Friday morning. “He ought to be aware every time a decision is made — whether [or not] it’s to raise taxes — how it’s going to hurt the family out there, who can barely pay the grocery bill as it is.”

At some of these events, if you close your eyes, you would think a Democrat was speaking — Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton turned southern Baptist.

The GOP does not need “changing.” It needs reminding and it needs energy in its new leader. It needs to recommit to its traditional stand against excessive spending and the growth of government. It needs to affirm its belief in victory in the war and to the nomination and confirmation of originalist judges. It needs to endorse extension of President Bush’s tax cuts and elimination of the death tax. It needs to argue for the rights of the unborn and the protection of those least able to protect themselves.

It needs a spokesman for its beliefs and for its traditional agenda which wins when it is embraced and defended.

What the GOP definitely does not need is neopopulism, class warfare, and identity politics of the sort Mike Huckabee has been selling the last four weeks. Huckabee’s lunge left may not have been premeditated, but it clearly displayed a candidate with no anchor in the GOP’s tradition of fiscal restraint, free trade and low taxes and a very limited understanding of the world’s most dangerous forces.

Don’t be surprised if Mike Huckabee fails to finish in the top three anywhere other than Iowa. He’s a very affable, likeable fellow with a genuine commitment to the life issue, but his fractured ideology is shared by very, very few Republicans, and his understanding of the rogue states, especially Iran, is questionable. As actual voting approaches, GOP regulars have to ask themselves who can beat either Senator Clinton or Senator Obama. Mike Huckabee will never rally the GOP base to his standard given his populist rhetoric –the sort of nonsense that President Bush and every GOP nominee since Reagan has blasted away at.


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