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The Glenn Beck ACORN Story: Big Point That Was Missed

The Glenn Beck – ACORN Story: The Big Point that Was Missed 

by John Galt

September 10, 2009

Glenn, God Bless ya Buddy!

I mean that my friend via radio and television. You have done many great things and this current story first broken on the mainstream by your radio show and the fine folks at Breitbart via www.biggovernment.com (Link to story here ) has exposed the fine people at ACORN to be just what they are: Poverty Pimps. It is a good thing they are “helping” with the census because I would hate for underage illegal prostitutes from El Salvador to not be counted and insured they get all the benefits and numerous voting rights for Democrats that they deserve.

As I listened to the program today and then watched the television show, read the link above from Breitbart and thought about all of the news surrounding this and the silence from the state media organs, it hit me that the big story was not that this has happened; hell I think most Americans are desensitized by this now and expect this type of behavior from any organization affiliated with either political party or receiving government aid be it ACORN or Citigroup. The big difference is that all the whores are in the board room at Citi and not seeking shelter in a Federally funded home loan in Baltimore. In fact the big story is not the risk to the lives of those involved in this story but folks, I agree with Glenn: PRAY HARD for all of them as when the dollars get this large, the rules are not exactly the same. The big point thus far is not even the silence from the mainstream media and the various liberal elite proxies acting to promote any activities that further Marxist causes, the Constitution be damned.

The big point is simple:

We have a banking crisis because of what you saw on this video and the activities of the subjects in this story.

The undercover reporters exposed what happened in bank offices, mortgage lenders of every size, and “community assistance” offices nationwide for years now. The price we are paying is just now being realized and the death of companies like Wachovia, Washington Mutual, Indymac, Bank United, Bear Stearns, and Lehman (etc..) can all be related to the story you have heard and watched from Mr. Beck and the crisis expanded upon from that.

So what “that” am I referring to?

The largest credit crisis in American, perhaps capitalist history. It can all be traced back to a series of blunders starting with the New Deal of FDR, expanding in the greed and avarice of the 1999 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act consummated in an orgy of mercantile swine money-flu with the signature of President William Jefferson Clinton, and culminating with the “Ownership Society” nonsense of President George W. Bush. The failure of all of these Presidents, whether by design or a National Education Association mental impairment, is that government can not create capital without consequences nor expand the perceived right to own a home without defrauding the taxpayer at some point in the process. Alas, here we are with an imitation 19 year old hooker sitting in front of the very pigs that have helped to expand the government trough on behalf of the Republicans and Democrats in a sick, perverted and grossly misguided attempt to prove that capitalism can not survive without the power of the people or influence of the elitists who know better.

The stories started to circulate with the expansion of the housing boom in 2005 where illegal aliens were obtaining financing for home mortgages (See: Illegal Aliens and the Mortgage Mess by Michelle Malkin, NY Post 9/24/08 & Mortgages for Illegal Immigrants Business Week July 30, 2007), credit was extended to anyone with a credit score above 12, and home equity loans were handed out like, well, government grants to community organizers. The problem is that once subprime, or substandard mortgages, were issued to normally unqualified applicants, banksters realized that thanks to securitization of those loans they could dump the problem on willing investors (aka “dupes”) overseas who were convinced that because a rating agency or mega-bankster said “our AAA is as good as the government” then loaning money borrowed at 1% from the Fed at 5% to Speedy Gonzalez or the local 7-11 bag boy making $6.37 per hour was a win-win situation.

Then of course February of 2007 hit and I won’t rehash that again because God forbid we recite history, facts or anything else that might upset WALNUT, CASHEW, ACORN, or some other agency that comes out of the wood work to call me racist because I do not agree home ownership is a “right” (where in the Constitution again?). After the collapse accelerated and all these banksters started to fail, the very same people who created the mess elected to find a perfectly logical solution to the issue by attacking it head on:

Dump it on the taxpayer and go back to the very same ‘Community Organizers’ that determined these people deserved and were qualified for a mortgage to fix the mess.

Thus we see organizations like ACORN and many others, plus subsidiaries and “debt negotiation” companies (owned by the very same banksters who started this mess) creating programs and attempting to help the same people who should never have received a loan in the first place, to renegotiate a 50 year refinancing agreement that they can fail on next year after the election and thus force more taxpayers to fund more programs to insure they don’t lose a home, car, credit card or pet turtle named Wally they bought with credit they were not qualified for.


Thus once everyone realizes the futility in telling people they have to have kids to pay for their parents financing agreements hits home and the parents realize that Socialism really cures it all, the banksters get to keep their profits, the community organizers get to enforce pograms and the taxpayers are told to shut up and support the ‘less fortunate’ because it is their duty to help the state and keep the peace within our new happy hyperinflationary society.

So Glenn, with all do respect, all your ACORN story did was open up an old wound.

If anyone in their right mind thinks the actors who were in the video are not symptoms of a larger problem, well, bleat on and enjoy your cud. The reality is that ACORN and numerous other groups receiving taxpayer funding plus banksters given incentives to do so loaned out hundreds of billions of dollars that will never be paid back. Then the same banksters leveraged that up in the grand world derivatives casino knowing that by making it so large, so complex and so deadly all the parties involved knew they would pocket the gains and dump the risk and ultimate losses on the American people.

The lesson of this is simple:

Get government out of our capitalist system or face the consequences when the hybrid system collapses.

Too bad the lesson is missed on those in power and the problems will be endured by the people for over a decade or more.

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The Hypocrisy Regarding Political Sex Scandals


Will he resign, or will he refuse?

Why did his wife stand there at his side looking devastated as he confessed wrongdoing to the public?

If he is client 9 – who was client 8?

Who chooses matching outfits for Democrats who publicaly announce their sins and scandals?

McGreevy vs Spitzer

Everyone is talking about sleazy NY Governor Eliot “The Effing Steamroller” Spitzer’s sex scandal and the impending indictment for soliciting prostitution accross state lines from the Empress Club roster.

As Jim Copeland notes in the NRO

“Much of the public reaction to Empire State governor Eliot Spitzer’s alleged involvement with Emperors Club prostitutes has focused on rich irony. After all, in his previous role as New York’s attorney general, Spitzer had prosecuted upscale escort services, in addition to his higher-profile campaigns against Wall Street fraud and corruption. Spitzer cultivated an image of himself as a White Knight — a champion against vices both fiscal and physical. But a close look at his public record reveals a man who has become used to the abuse of power — comfortable with the idea of being a law unto himself. Those whom Eliot Spitzer has sought to ruin publicly to serve his political ends — and there are more than a few — doubtless see no irony, no incongruity, in his having allegedly broken the laws he swore to uphold.

The WSJ Notes:

Mr. Spitzer, the Democratic governor of New York and one-time prosecutor who purported to stand up for the little guy by battling greed on Wall Street, has been caught using an expensive prostitution ring and hiding the money to pay for it through potentially illegal means, according to federal investigators. Law-enforcement officials tell the New York Times his involvement emerged in court papers filed last week that charged four people with operating Emperor’s Club V.I.P., and that a federal wiretap caught him discussing payments and a visit from a prostitute working for the service. Citing a federal complaint and two lawyers familiar with the case, The Wall Street Journal says Mr. Spitzer is accused of paying the prostitute $4,300 for the tryst in a Washington hotel — during a trip to testify on Capitol Hill about the bond-insurance crisis.

While many folks are interested to discuss the details of his solicitation, whether or not he will resign, or how his poor family is feeling, I’ve taken a keen notice in something else: the total hypocrisy of the media and political elites on the Left and in the Democrat party towards their own caught in sex and corruption scandals.

Like a sick replay of how the media and the DNC ran to Bill Clinton’s defense after the Lewinsky Affair, the same stupid excuses are being offered to massage the behavior. One caller to a talk show last evening once again tried to lecture the host and the audience that Spitzer’s actions was “No big deal”, “Everyone does it” and that it was “A private matter that does not affect how he does his professional job”.

I sat there stunned to hear the same crap being once again offered to excuse a darling of Liberal Left.

What ever happened to shame? What ever happened to outrage? Apparently that only applies to Conservatives or Republicans?

Anyone remember Larry Craig? Remember the field day the Democrats and the Leftist Media had in running him out of office on a rail?

That was for foot tapping in a bathroom stall.

Today, we have a guy who not only solicited prostitution across state lines, compromised himself for possible blackmail and may have structured monies and used his office and station to provide for his lust, apparently the concept of bringing home an STD or putting his office in jeopardy is not behavior rising to the audacity of foot tapping in a bathroom stall.

Listen to the coddling of this creep:

Alan Dershowitz: “Big deal. Married man goes to prostitute. In Europe, this wouldn’t even make the back pages of the newspaper.”

Hillary Clinton: “”I obviously am sending my best wishes and thoughts to the governor and to his family. … Let’s wait and see what comes out of the next days. Right now I don’t have any comment. I think it’s appropriate to wish his family well and see how things develop.”

Mario Cuomo: “It is an excruciating personal tragedy for the governor, his family, and the rest of our society to whom he has meant so much.”

Charles Schumer: ” feel bad for him and his family but until he makes a more complete statement, I have nothing more to say.”

Democratic New Jersey Gov. Jon S. Corzine: “These are serious and disturbing accusations that are completely at odds with the man I know. They come as a complete shock. … He will have to regain credibility not only with his family but with the public.”

Nathan Daschle – Democratic Governors Association: “Gov. Spitzer is a dedicated public servant with a long record of bringing positive change to New York. This is not the time to play politics, particularly as investigations are ongoing. Until all the facts of this case are known, we should all exercise caution and restraint.”

Add the litany of boob-tube talking heads that refer to this revelation as a “tragedy”, an “unfortunate circumstance”, and a “simple mistake” – and the circling of the wagons to come to the aid and excusing of yet another Democrat politician caught with his pants down, showcases the hypocrisy of the media and the Left regarding political sex scandals.

It all depends on what party you belong to.

No wonder so many religious conservatives view the Democrat Party as the Party of Debauchery, Vice and Sin.

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