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The Audacity of An Arrogant Despot

Obama calls for a joint session of Congress to give a campaign speech about jobs – on the same night and time as the Republican Presidential Debate

White House Press Secretary Tells GOP  “They can reschedule”.

UPDATE: Speaker John Boehner refuses to convene the session, asks Obama to choose another night.


It’s just incredible.  As far back as this blog’s inception, warnings about the arrogant condescension of His Heinous, Barrack Hussein Obama doesn’t assuage the incredulity that his regime generates.  It’s truly surprising.

What is stunning, is not the hubris itself that was expected from this President, but the acceptance of it by large majority of Americans whom historically, have rejected such blatant arrogance from it’s civil servants.

It’s amazing to watch and hear the blatant and in-your-face efforts this regime is ramping up, taunting and almost daring someone to defy him.  There’s not even a semblance of courtesy or gentlemanly statesmanship from this regime.  The monarchy of Lois the XVI’s cannot compare to the extravagance and disdain this Administration showcases.

Because the collapsing economy and the need to create jobs are so important to The One, he decided that he would wait until AFTER his ninth vacation and 68th round of golf since he was crowned in 2009 to give what the media will most likely dub ‘his most important speech as President’ to outline his own “jobs” plan.  We assume His Heinous will entreat the country with yet another demand for a trillion-dollar “stimulus” designed to grow the government behemoth even larger and bankrupt the nation further into eternal debt.

But given that we know Obama is a broken teleprompter of useless campaign tripe and class warfare, what was startling about Obama’s call for a joint session of Congress to deliver another lecture in Socialism, is the day and time he demanded it.

You see Wednesday September 7th at 8 PM Eastern, is the Republican Debate from the Reagan Library.  A date that was planned and set since May 3, 2011 at 4:59 PM.

But the audacity of Obama knows no bounds, and in typical Chicago Political Thug fashion – he decides to try and nullify the Republican event altogether by holding the networks captive to cover a joint session of Congress for the purpose of providing a platform for another Obama teleprompter speech.  And speaking of joint sessions of Congress, those are given historically for special occasions like the State of the Union or urgent situations such as declarations of war or consultation for use of force authorizations.  To use such occasions to attempt to ramrod yet another big government political agenda down the nation’s throats is again, the audacity that characterizes the Obama regime.

Where the arrogant condescension and disdain are self-evident, is in the remarks by Obama’s Propagandist in Chief: Jay Carney.

First he lies and says that the scheduling of the request at the same time and date as the GOP Debate is ‘coincidence’.  Obama sent the request for the joint session on Wednesday, the Debate has been set since last May.  Does Carney really think the American people are stupid enough to assume that the Obama regime did not know when the Republican debate was going to occur?

But I’m more interested in the choice of words and tone this guy used.

“It is one debate of many [that will air] on one channel of many… [and] there are many other factors here” to consider when scheduling a major address from the president….Carney gave NBC his permission to reschedule the Republican debate so it doesn’t conflict with the president’s speech, saying “if the network so chose and the candidates so chose” to reschedule, “that would be completely fine with us.”

How mighty white and benevolent of him to grant ‘permission’ for a news network to reschedule an event they had set since May to accommodate an egomaniacal narcissist who can’t get enough of his face on TV to lecture the American people and make demands!

But miracles do sometimes happen, and the Speaker replied to the request from the White House with these words:

“Sept. 8th would be better “so we can ensure there will be no parliamentary or logistical impediments that might detract from your remarks.”

What will be interesting is the fallout from John Boehner suddenly growing a set and telling the TOTUS that he gives him permission to reschedule his ‘joint session’ campaign speech for the following night.  Look for the term ‘obstructionists’ to be screamed from the pulpits of punditdom and Jay Carney’s office over this slight against the Anointed One.  Yet as Boehner points out in his letter, a Resolution is required to be passed by both Houses before an agreement can be made to receive the President – and Harry Reid himself said that they will not be in session until 6:30 PM on the 7th and no time for voting for that resolution.

Still, expect this regime and the media mouthpieces of the MSM to try and capitalize on the Constitutional ignorance of their audience and constituencies.

But I’d bet dollars of debt that even Obama’s constituencies are going to be watching the NFL as opposed to TOTUS on the evening of the 8th.

UPDATE: media reporting the White House will ‘accept’ Boehner’s change of date advice.

Oh goodie, look for The One and the State-Foisted Media to use this ‘acceptance’ as a pointer to insist that Obama can “compromise” with the GOP and therefore, because His Heinous has bent the knee and relented on the date he demands an audience with a joint session of Congress – everyone should “compromise” and agree with his “jobs plan”.

The more hope and change, the more things stay the same with this regime, and worse for the rest of the nation.

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Ron Paul – the non-interventionist, white-flag-waving appeasement anti-war surrender monkey


Yes, I’m once again going to risk the threats of violence and death from the Ron Paul Mob Zombies. Let’s see how quick the U-boat Commanders in the RuPaul Sub Net fleet picks up this ping and sends their pack herds to try and torpedo the blog.

The CNN YouTube debate last night was a clear illustration of the fact the Clinton News Network is part and parcel an operative propaganda arm for the Democrat/Stalinist Left. It been learned that there were at least 4- countem FOUR – political plants that either asked questions or had videos shown asking questions, including the Homosexual General who has been a CNN guest in the past as well as Edwards, Obama and Hillary supporters who asked questions for the purpose of harming the candidates rather than finding out what they stand for. CNN made an obvious display of it’s willing propaganda to paint the GOP in the brushes of how the Left views the GOP, by framing the debate and choosing stupid, silly, irreverent agenda-based questions that are provinces of the Democrat Left. I do not recall that Gays in the Military, abortion, the death penalty or that the Confederate Flag were major issues concerning all Americans right now. Of course those issues are the heart and soul of the Democrat Left.

However, the only bright spot in that sickening display – was that all of the candidates handled the attempted sabotage very well – including Ron Paul. The silver lining being that the true colors of each candidate began to emerge as well. Only one of the candidates displayed any real sense of Conservatism – and NO – it was NOT Ron Paul. Most showcased moderate liberalism, polished political rhetoric, and the typical Establishment Blue Blood Urban Elitism that disgusted the majority of Conservatives and had them sitting home in November 2006.

Ron Paul simply showcased why he is a better running mate for Socialist Dennis Kuccinich than a GOP Candidate. While most of the Republican field is filled with moderate and liberal establishment politicians, Ron Paul’s rabid kook Libertarianism makes him a stand-out white-flag waving appeasement anti-war surrender monkey.

The booing of John McCain by Ron Paul Mob Zombies in the audience was one of the low points of disgust in last night’s debate.

But it is Ron Paul’s own words that continue to illustrate him the same Defeat At All Costs Surrender Monkey that Murtha, Pelosi and Reid are. Ron Paul insists we are losing in Iraq – when even the Liberal media has had to concede in the past few weeks that the surge is achieving huge success.

Here is an exchange from last night’s debate – the transcript directly from CNN.com:

“Already, part of their country has been taken back. In the south, they claim the surge has worked, but the surge really hasn’t worked. There’s less violence, but al-Sadr has essentially won in the south.”

Ron Paul more-or-less just granted a Jihadist, who has shot at and killed Americans and Brits, CREDIT for establishing a peace, as if the efforts of our troops had nothing to do with it.

It is SHAMELESS. It’s DISGUSTING, and it showcases exactly why Ron Paul is the kind of nitwit kook that needs to be ignored and shunned by this party and the electorate. He is as invested in defeat and retreat as the Democrat Leftists are.

While Duncan Hunter states that he will “never Apologize for America”, all Ron Paul is capable of is BLAMING America at each and every turn and time he gets in front of a microphone.

McCain called Paul’s position the same kind of “Isolationism that caused World War II” to which Ron Paul vigorously shook his head in the negative while smiling smugly, even while McCain was relaying the message from troops he had Thanksgiving with IN Iraq, to “Let us win”.

Ron Paul does not think we are winning, and will NOT let us win if he has anything to say about it. Ron Paul’s idea of winning, is running home and engaging in an INSANE version of Isolationist “non-Interventionism” that has America retreat from the world while sitting down to tea and trade talks with anyone and everyone – REGARDLESS of who they are or whether or not they are Al Qaeda nutjobs with intents to nuke NY. Ron Paul operates from the ridiculous and stupid premise that America’s enemies are merely reactionist to our presence in their nations when the simple fact of Jihadist Islam’s expansion into non-interventionist nations is well documented.

I’m not an isolationism, (shakes head) em, isolationist. I want to trade with people, talk with people, travel.

He wants to be a rock star. Well gee whiz! Even North Korea trades and talks with people in Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, and every other America-hating regime on the planet. The difference between the Isolationism of North Korea and what Ron Paul wants for America is that Ron Paul will trade and chate with EVERYONE – regardless whether or not they have intentions to blow us off this rock.

But I don’t want to send troops overseas using force to tell them how to live.

Of course not. Ron Paul is content to let those people who, plan, plot and train to kill America and Americans to live their dreams and fantasies of bringing Islamic Prophecy to pass unhindered.

Ron Paul buys into the notion that if you leave a hornet’s nest alone near a playground when you know it is there – no harm will ever come to kids playing there.

We would object to it here and they’re going to object to us over there.

Ron Paul AGAIN thinking that the world thinks just like he does. Of COURSE the world objects to America being involved in the world! We prevent despotic madmen and movements from taking it over and subjugating neighbors and entire regions to brutal slavery and death – whether it be Communism or Jihadism.

Ron Paul would rather we simply leave them all alone. That kind of lunacy has no business being in the office of the CINC.

I would rather the GOP leave Ron Paul alone, to his Libertarian insanities where he better belongs.

Despite his non-answer of whether or not he will run 3rd Party – I think when he does not get the GOP nomination – his Mob Zombies will impress on him to run anyway as a 3rd party.

Which will then fulfill what I’ve been saying all along, Ron Paul is 2008’s Ross Perot.


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