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Rant Of The Week

A Post Iowa Caucus in-your-face celebration

This was so good, it has to be shared.  H/T and kudos to Alan Levy and the Conservative patriots at FReepers!

Thanks for making my morning jovial!


Alan Levy


I must say, the 2012 Iowa Caucus was magnificent.

ABSOLUTELY magnificent.

You see, the good guys won for a change.

Mitt Commie failed and Jew hater Ron Paul was delivered a staggering defeat.

Now, before we get started, let’s get a few things clear. Number one, I don’t shill for candidates. I have my favorite candidate and you have yours. In this column, I will never tell you who to vote for. I will always tell you who I think is pond scum (like Mitt Commie, like former Obama syocphant Jon Huntsman, and last, and certainly least, Stormfront candidate Ron Paul), but I will never tell you who to vote for. (You’re an adult, I trust you’ll act accordingly.) Number two, I am fully aware that the Iowa Caucus is not that big of a deal. There’s no need to remind me of that. (If you don’t believe me, ask President Huckabee.)

The failure of Mitt Commie was mind boggling. Here was a guy with a campaign budget that was bigger than the GDP of El Salvador, who had been campaigning since John McLame’s whimpering defeat in 2008, and had a cable news station (FNC, aka the Fox Neocon Channel) in the tank for him, and has a super PAC to do his hatchet work for him…….and yet……..he barely beat Rick Santorum by 8 votes. Yep, you read that right, 8 measly votes. (It should be noted, that until very recently, Rick Santorum’s campaign was being ignored by everyone not named Mark Levin and had 68 cents and pocket lint to its name.) Even uglier for Mitt Commie was the fact that he was unable to drive a wooden stake into the heart of nemesis Newt Gingrich’s campaign. Despite being carpet bombed by Romney’s PAC operatives and Establishment hacks, Gingrich placed a respectable fourth and lived to fight another day. In other words—Mitt Commie choked.

Meanwhile, in Red Skull Ron Paul’s Fourth Reich, the Paultards are tickled Code Pinko.(Either that, or they’re stoned out of their minds yet again.) They think their Fuhrer has won a great victory over the “neocon bankster Zionist war mongers” by placing third. In actuality, this is a resounding, Stalingrad-like defeat for Herr Doktor. See, Iowa laws allow anyone to change their party affiliation at the door of any caucus and vote. So in theory, every liberaltarian, every Green, every 9/11 Truther, every Neo-Nazi, every malcontent, and every so-called “independent” in the state of Iowa could have showed up and dragged the Surrender Monkey’s carcass across the finish line. But they didn’t. Despite the “money bombs”, the “spamming”, the “trolling”, making pests of themselves on talk radio shows, and other Brownshirt-like behavior, RuPaul (H/T: Mark Levin) and his flunkies have failed and failed big time. Third place in a contest whose rules favor you is a complete and utter joke, much like saying Herr Doktor is a Conservative.

Let me repeat: No, I’m not shilling for anyone (as of yet, I’m still undecided) and yes, I know Iowa’s not that big of a deal. However, a win’s a win and I’ll take ’em any way I can get ’em. If you don’t win, you can’t keep it classy and say things like this:


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Anyone But Ron Paul

While Obama is a threat to our domestic liberties, Ron Paul’s non-interventionist views are beyond dangerous.  They are suicidal.

Perhaps it’s fitting to note what the Second President of the United States said about Democracies in view of Ron Paul’s standing in the polls:

“There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide”. – John Adams

Of course spending ourselves into oblivion with welfare programs that grow the tyrannical state was most likely the intent of the warning Adam’s gave, Ron Paul would make national suicide a literal application by prostrating us before our enemies and blaming ourselves for any acts of war waged on us by expanding militant Islam.

In a companion piece to what I wrote in yesterday’s blog, Gary Bauer nails what we true Conservatives understand about Ron Paul, and his insane and dangerous views in a very hostile world that he pretends does not exist unless provoked first by America. And as Gary Bauer notes, Ron Paul is far more radical than even Obama is on matters of security for this nation.  In fact, much of Paul’s lambasting of Conservatives is right out of the Obama playbook.  No wonder so many fringe Leftists support Ron Paul.

If it’s down to Obama and Ron Paul, national suicide would seem a certainty in our future.

Look for the Ronulan Mob Zombie Hordes to descend in vain attempts to justify their vaunted savior’s lunatic positions.  They will most likely start by declaring Bauer a “NeoCon” and dismiss everything out of hand.  Such as it has been since 2007.


Anyone But Ron Paul for President

Gary Bauer

Some of the most indelible images from September 11, 2001, are of video footage of cheering Muslim crowds in the streets of Ramallah and East Jerusalem as news of the attacks swept across the Middle East.

Is there any doubt that if Ron Paul is elected President, his inauguration will elicit similar jubilation in the cities of America’s worst enemies?

Words such as “noninterventionist” and “isolationist” have been used to describe Paul’s foreign policy views.  A more apt word is “dangerous.”

I like the Texas congressman’s opposition to Big Government.  But his foreign policy and national security views are so dangerous that they should disqualify him for the presidency.

It is tempted to compare Paul’s foreign policy views to those of President Obama.  Both seem to enjoy stressing America’s sins, real and imagined, and both naively believe a little diplomacy is all that’s needed to appease rogue regimes such as Iran.

Like Obama, Paul wants terrorists caught in the U.S. to be treated not as enemy combatants but as common criminals.  Also like Obama, Paul supported the building of a mosque near Ground Zero in New York City, insisting that opposition to its construction was “all about hate and Islamophobia.”

But Paul’s foreign policy views are much more radical than Obama’s.  Paul disapproves of Obama’s drone strikes on terrorists, and would shutter U.S. military bases abroad.  Paul says he would not have ordered the killing of Osama bin Laden.  You’d be hard-pressed to find one in a million Americans who would agree with that.

Paul’s foreign policy views would stand out even in a field of the most liberal Democrats. In fact, Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich, perhaps the most left-wing presidential candidate ever, has said he and Paul “agree tremendously on international policy.”  Paul says he’d consider naming Kucinich to his Cabinet—perhaps as head of a newly formed “Department of Peace.”

But Paul’s views of America and its place in the world go beyond the liberal appeasement of Obama or Kucinich.  In fact, in their sheer conspiratorial lunacy, they align more closely with Obama’s former pastor and mentor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Consider both Wright’s and Paul’s reaction to 9/11.  Wright described the attacks as “America’s chickens coming home to roost,” and said of America’s government, “We’re the same as al-Qaeda.”

Paul has said that America’s foreign policy was a “major contributing factor” to the attacks, and he allegedly wanted to vote against authorizing war in Afghanistan.  Both Wright and Paul are conspiracy theorists.  According to a former longtime aide, Paul suggested that the attacks may have been coordinated by the CIA or that the Bush administration knew about the attacks ahead of time.  Paul has claimed that 9/11 caused “glee in the administration because now we can invade Iraq.”  He has also suggested that Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, was responsible for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Wright has claimed that the U.S. government manufactured the AIDS virus to kill black people.  And Paul has allegedly written that the government is “lying” about the threat of AIDS.

Both Wright and Paul are radically anti-Israel.  Wright has called the state of Israel “illegal” and “genocidal.”  He gave a lifetime achievement award to radical Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, an anti-Semite who Wright said “truly epitomized greatness.”

According to his former aide, Paul “wishes the Israeli state did not exist at all.”  The ex-adviser said Paul “sides with the Palestinians, and supports their calls for the abolishment of the Jewish state, and the return of Israel, all of it, to the Arabs.”

Paul has also said he would not have intervened in World War II if Japan hadn’t attacked the U.S., even against Hitler’s Germany to prevent the Holocaust.  This, he insists, somehow fits into a foreign policy based on the Golden Rule.

Paul rarely criticizes President Obama, but has a disturbing tendency to slander his country and fellow Republicans.  He has charged that America has declared “war on 1.2 billion Muslims,” and accused Michele Bachmann of hating Muslims and Rick Santorum of hating gays.  This extremist does the conservative cause an injustice by playing into the Left’s worst false stereotypes of Republicans.  No wonder Paul derives much of his support from the fringe Left.

Many Paulites say they support him for his economic policy views, while dismissing his foreign policy extremism.  But they should realize that in the highly improbable case that Paul becomes President, he would, as Commander-in-chief, have much power to enact his national security agenda and much less influence over economic policy.

By regularly casting America as the world’s villain and by advocating the abandonment of our alliances and the abdication of our duties around the world, a Ron Paul presidency would cheer our enemies, demoralize our friends and guarantee a decline in our national security.


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Ron Paul: Deliberately Misleading And Far More Dangerous To America’s Security Than Obama

Ron Paul runs political ads asking “How would we feel if China had bases in Texas?” as a pretext to espouse his Isolationist platform.  His ads are dangerously misleading.

Jimmy Carter’s appeasement of Ayatollah Rullah Khomeni that led to the Islamic takeover of Iran and thus erasing an ally and creating an eternal enemy may end up being mild compared to the lunacy and foreign policy ideas of Ron Paul.

The mob zombie hordes of Neo-Con-stitutionalists, quasi Leftists and anti-war pacifists gorge on the slabs of blame-America first and pro-Islamist Apologetics, Ron Paul tosses their way.  In the end, Jimmy Carter will seem to be a lion and a Goliath in comparison to Ron Paul should by some incredible miracle, he ever win the office he is seeking for the third time.  In fact, Ron Paul may be more detrimental to our national security than even Dear Leader Obama.

After all, Ron Paul asserts that he strenuously does not believe the United States had any business getting involved in fighting Hitler in WWII. He expressed to longtime aide Eric Dondero countless times, that ‘saving the Jews,’ was absolutely none of our(America’s) business and asserts when pressed, that “FDR knew about the attacks of Pearl Harbor weeks before hand, and that WWII was just ‘blowback,’ for Woodrow Wilson’s foreign policy errors, and such. ”

This is consistent with Ron Paul’s current insanity in the face of the global rise of militant Islam and the 9-11 Jihad attacks.  As with blaming FDR with knowing in advance the Pearl Harbor attack, Ron Paul asserts the crackpot Alex Jones/Truther view that G.W. Bush knew of the 9-11 attacks in advance, and was “gleeful” for the loss of 3,000 lives as a pretext to invade Iraq.  It’s bad enough Ron Paul badmouths America on a routine basis, it’s even worse (and I say treasonous) when he goes on enemy State television, to denounce America and our foreign policy so it can be used by the Islamofascists in Iran a justification propaganda to prepare and to wage war on “the Great and little Satan”.

PressTV in Iran had a field day with the excerpts from this interview, emboldening the Islamist regime’s covert war against American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

What I do not know is, if Ron Paul was a clueless idiot to allow himself to be used by an enemy for their purposes against us; or if he willingly gave aid and comfort to the Ahmadinejad regime and his mullahs with his views that are played in Iran as evidence to wage war on the United States and our allies. In either case, this 2009 interview alone is evidence that Ron Paul is actually more dangerous to our national security than even Obama’s pandering to Marxist states.

Ron Paul, as accused – is a militant Pacifist and ardent Isolationist.  His own aide confirmed that fact.  His Mob Zombie Hordes play with his words to insist he is a Constitutionalist, when he is nothing of the sort.  He is an espoused Libertarian, and always had been, running on the Republican ticket so as to deceive what he really is,  because it is the only way he can win elections.

To those who claim Ron Paul is simply a strict non-interventionist,  Ron Paul is the lunatic who expressed to his staffers after the 9-11 attacks, that he opposed any and all military retaliation.  According to his former aide, Paul “expressed no sympathies whatsoever for those who died on 9/11, and pretty much forbade us staffers from engaging in any sort of memorial expressions, or openly asserting pro-military statements in support of the Bush administration.”

It’s not about being non-interventionist with Ron Paul – it’s about his being horrifyingly naive, clueless and ignorant of the real world outside of what he, himself thinks motivates people.

I continue to be baffled why the GOP leadership continues to allow this Libertarian-kook Ron Paul to run as a member of their party, because his presence and purpose seems to be to divide the Conservative vote, and throw the election back to Obama in 2012.  He wants the office too badly, and is vaunted as a political savior by too many clueless idiots who simply think Ron Paul will “tear it all down”, which is what they desperately want.

Coach Kevin Collins notes the dangerous deception of Ron Paul’s ads, wondering aloud how the Islamist enemies will use this ad for their purposes.  Well coach, this is not the first rodeo for Ron Paul’s interviews to be used by our Jihadist enemies.  It is yet another consistent fact of Ron Paul’s unfitness to hold public office.


It is hard to say who, other than our Islamist enemies, benefits from Ron Paul’s slick ad asking, “What if China had bases in Texas?” Paul uses it to promote his delusional view of the world and certainly fools some well-meaning but ill-informed Americans. Those who don’t want us to fight with our hands tied behind our back are easy prey for the gibberish Paul is selling because this ad blurs the lines between the frustrating manner we have prosecuted the war on terror and the very valid reasons for entering into it to begin with.

Many Americans who understand the appallingly halfhearted way the war in Viet Nam was “fought” have an understandable predisposition toward believing we are fighting a “civil war” or “meddling in the affairs of other countries” when we take proactive measures in fighting our war on terror. Paul knows this and shamelessly plays on it for votes.

 Nevertheless, implying there is no difference between Viet Nam and the current war on terror is as addle brained as saying there is no difference between night and day.

Because it was largely true that nothing when North Viet Nam and the Chinese attacked South Viet Nam, would not have brought that war to our shores, does not in any way mean a “live and let live” policy toward the Islamist will insure our safety – just ask the Spanish train bombing victims about that.

Paul’s misguided foreign policy would have us deny the threat of Islam based on the implied notion that we can treat Iran and organized Islamist terror groups as if they are just another group of Nazis speaking a different language. The Nazis did not want to destroy our way of life; they wanted to take over our way of life. The Islamists don’t want to take over our way of life they want to murder every one of us and spit on our way of life.

In its Verses of The Sword, the Koran instructs Islamist to cheat lie steal in order to ultimately murder all infidels for merely living. It says nothing about putting these things into practice only if attacked by the West.   Ron Paul either doesn’t understand this at best; or doesn’t want his supporters to understand this at worst.    

 Slick ads that cloud the differences between the enemies of the 1940s and the enemies we face today do nothing to keep us safe; on the contrary they lull us into a false sense of security. Shame on you Ron Paul; shame on you.


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More Ron Paul Idiotic Lunacy – Says Bush ‘Gleeful’ That 9-11 Attacks Happened

Alex Jones acolyte and candidate for a straightjacket Ron Paul says 9-11 attacks prompted glee because they provided pretext for invasion of Iraq.

Question One, who do rabid American-Hating Leftists and Jihad Terrorists often quote and look to for validation of their hatred of America?

Answer: Ron Paul.

Question: What is the difference between Marxists who hate America’s former strength in the world and Ron Paul?

Answer: Nothing.  They both sound exactly the same.

Yes, the crazy lunatic Uncle in the attic is back to spew more 9-11 Truther madness and make insidious and outrageous claims to his whacked-0ut appeasement horde hippies whom will vote for Obama should their own political savior not be on the ballot come November.

But this time, he goes over the line from being a clueless outrageous nutball – to an overt and calculating offensive nutball deserving our absolute contempt.

Yes I said clueless, as this is the moron who lectures us and insists Iran was and is no threat to American interests and that WE have provoked the Ayatollahs, Mullahs and Ahmadinejad to hate us.

CBS News reports:

Ron Paul: 9/11 prompted “glee” in Bush administration

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul said Thursday evening that Bush administration officials were gleeful after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks because it gave them a pretext to invade Iraq.

“Just think of what happened after 9/11. Immediately before there was any assessment there was glee in the administration because now we can invade Iraq,” the Texas Republican told a group of mostly young backers in Iowa. He went on to suggest officials are now setting the stage for an invasion of Iran.

This is beyond contemptible despite this clown’s current denials that he did not mean what he said and is being taken out of context, which is what he always does when called on his ridiculous and oft-made Blame-America-First comments.

No Ron, we are not taking you out of context  We heard and read the transcript of what you said when you said it.  You are a consistent imbecile who blames America for causing 9-11, and you blame Bush for starting an unprovoked war (after you voted for the resolution to use force in A’stan). You just forgot to smooth and cover your Alex Jones Truther crap in clever political language to give yourself plausible deniability you said anything so blatantly offensive to the American people.  But we know what you really mean.

First of all, we all saw what happened on 9-11.  NO ONE was gleeful 3,000 Americans were immolated and crushed to death, except maybe for some former President who lamented that 9-11 did not happen on his watch.  That you subtly and now overtly claim that Bush was ‘gleeful’ for it so he can go to war in Iraq is the HEIGHT of insidiousness.  You need to be censored and run out of Congress on a rail, unfortunately many just ignore you and consider you an Alzheimer patient warming a seat in the House.

Second of all, we did not invade Iraq immediately after 9-11 as your ‘glee’ comment would indicate was the intent.  We went after the Taliban who harbored Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan first.  Iraq came later in 2003, when the extensive nature of Jihad that had gone unanswered since the early 1980’s revealed a bigger threat than we understood.  You remember the dance Colin Powell did with the UN for over a year???  Bush rightly decided to act against Sadaam Hussein’s 12 year violation of UN mandates and our own 1991 Cease Fire after it was learned that he was not only funding Jihadists himself, but declared Jihad on America, the same as Bin Laden did in 1997.  Bush was a putz to plead with the UN to try and get some kind of approval before we acted in our own security interests.  Bush had all the authority he needed to invade Iraq by Sadaam’s violation of the 1991 Cease Fire and the near-constant targeting of U.S. aircraft keeping the no-fly zones he agreed to, aggressor-free.

But of course arguing these points ad nauseum with Ron Paul’s ‘true believer’ cultists is a complete and utter waste of time.  They simply need to be defeated and rendered neuter as we would the Marxist Left.  Many of these same Paulistas voted for Obama in 2008, and will do so again – so we’re dealing with another wing of the America-hating faction that identifies with the anti-war appeasement Leftists that side with America’s enemies.  Both the unhinged Left and the unhinged Libertarians hate American superpowerdom with equal aplomb and gleefully attach themselves to whatever cult of personality comes along to do nothing but rant about what is wrong with our country.

For all the empty claims from worshippers of Ron Paul that their vaunted political savior is the only real Conservative – the FACT is that Ron Paul is a Libertarian, and NOT a Conservative.  He never was.  He has to run on a Republican ticket in order to win elections. Ron Paul is nothing more than a political opportunist who has accomplished NOTHING during his tenure in Congress but rant about what he says is wrong, while doing nothing constructive about them, while he appropriates earmarks for himself and constituents after ranting against them.  He talks a big game, but he does NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to take down the very things he purports to stand against.  If Bush lied to get us into Iraq as he asserts where are his articles of impeachment drawn up against Bush?

He’s just a lunatic career politician, one his cult-of-personality True Believers insist will save America from itself.  The same kind of crap not afar off from what the Communists state Obama will deliver for them.

Ron Paul is happy to hand Obama a second term by saying he will push for a ‘brokered GOP convention’.  Paul has no intent to back down after he loses the primary.  Don’t be surprised that he will run 3rd party if he doesn’t get the GOP nomination.  He will.  He wants this office badly, he has run for it 3 times now on different tickets and is willing to hand it back to an overt Marxist, if he’s not the nominee because his contempt for America’s military and standing in the world is as much as the rabid Marxist Left.

By some miracle if it ever came down to voting for Paul or Obama, this author will be writing in his dog….. again.  A much better choice than two America-loathing morons hell bent on  destroying those  things about this country they hate while empowering and establishing the very enemies in the world who want America itself destroyed.


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