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Obama To Free World Trade Center Terrorist, Will Return Him to the Islamists In Egypt.

Egyptian Islamists visited White House on numerous occasions, followed by Embassy Attacks and now Obama Regime to release Blind Sheik.


The media has had a blackout on reports that the Islamists in Egypt have been visiting the White House and requested that Obama release one of the most heinous convicted Jihad terrorists in our custody.  Back in June, Rep. Peter King (R) NY who sits as Chair of the Department of Homeland Security Committee demanded to know from Obama officials why the administration allowed Hani Nour Eldin, a self-proclaimed member of a  designated terrorist organization to enter the United States unimpeded and attend meetings inside the White House with senior-level Obama administration and State Department officials.  King sent a letter to Janet Napalitano demanding answers to serious questions that went unanswered.

Then on the 11th Anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, American embassies in Egypt and Libya were attacked and 4 Americans were killed, including the U.S. Ambassador to Libya. The Obama regime insisted it had no warnings of the impending attacks and continues to insist the attacks were caused by a YouTube video.   In response to the Jihad attacks and acts of war on America’s embassies, Obama directed the U.S. government to take into custody – a U.S. man involved in making the video whom Obama stated last night was a “shadowy figure”.  For Obama’s regime, clamping down on American free speech rights to impose defacto Sharia law in the United States, is the proper response to Jihadist terror.

While Obama’s regime insists it had no intelligence about any threats to our embassies, Fox News has obtained a 3 page DHS letter warning two days before the 9-11 attacks, that Jihadists in Egypt demanded that the Blind Sheik be released, or they would “burn the embassy down with everyone in it.”

The Sept. 9 statement said “the time has come for a strong movement from you, O sons of Egypt, to release the detained” sheikh. “Let your slogan be: No to the American Embassy in Egypt until our detained sheikh is released.” 

It continued: “Starting now, let the faithful among you form follow-up committees in charge of taking the necessary measures to force America to release the sheikh — even if it requires burning the embassy down with everyone in it.” 

Obama ignored those warnings, as did his State Department.  Apparently deliberately so – because Obama now appears that he will cede to Islamist demands and direct the State Department to release the Egyptian sheik who is the WTC bombing mastermind.  Breitbart reports that the US State Department is now actively negotiating with Egyptian President Morsi’s government about transferring Omar Abdel-Rahman from US custody to Egyptian custody.

Citing health reasons, this brings to mind a similar situation when Scotland released the Pan Am 103 bombing mastermind Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi to Libya where he was welcomed home as a hero, and did not die ‘within weeks’ as was cited as the reason for his release.

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy believes the deal to release Rahman has already been reached by the administration, and they are just waiting until after the election to announce it. McCarthy believes this is why the DOJ so strongly ruled out Rahman’s “release” but said nothing against his “transfer.”

A group of Congressional leaders released a copy of a letter sent to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder expressing “concern” about the possible release of Omar Abdel Rahman after it was learned the the State Department was in negotiations with Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian President Morsi to secure his release to Egypt.

This is more than incompetence from the Obama regime – this is deliberate aiding and abetting of Jihadists, while imposing defacto Sharia Law on American citizens.


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Let’s Roll – Over

It’s official.  America has become a nation of touchy-feely french wannabe wimps.  At least if one judges how in the 10 years since 9-11 we as a society regard the worst act of war against us since December 7, 1941.

Unlike our grandparents – we lack the fortitude to war on our enemies until they surrender on our terms.

Today, we make Peace Quilts, Wish Trees and lecture against Islamophobia and ‘bullying’ while recycling and think we honor those killed by our enemies.

Osama Bin Laden was right if one judges our current idiocracy in regards to the 10 year 9-11 commemoration: America no longer has guts, stamina or a willingness to fight.  Bin Laden estimated our nation would fold like an accordion once engaged with Jihadist Islam and succumb to emotional demands for ‘closure’, which would then signal that the West was ready to be wiped out or Dhimmied.

Mark Steyn hits a homer in this analysis of our wussified culture and it’s debasement of a day that should recall the horrors of what our enemies are capable of – and what we must have steel resolve to annihilate.

Instead, this 10 year anniversary has been a lesson in French capitulation.  Thanks Mark, for saying with humor what many of us are embarrassed to acknowledge about ourselves.

Let’s Roll Over.

By Mark Steyn

We retreat to equivocation, cultural self-loathing, and utterly fraudulent misrepresentation of 9/11

Waiting to be interviewed on the radio the other day, I found myself on hold listening to a public-service message exhorting listeners to go to 911day.org and tell their fellow citizens how they would be observing the tenth anniversary of the, ah, “tragic events.” There followed a sound bite of a lady explaining that she would be paying tribute by going and cleaning up an area of the beach.

Great! Who could object to that? Anything else? Well, another lady pledged that she “will continue to discuss anti-bullying tactics with my grandson.”

Marvelous. Because studies show that many middle-school bullies graduate to hijacking passenger jets and flying them into tall buildings?

Whoa, ease up on the old judgmentalism there, pal. In New Jersey, many of whose residents were among the dead, middle-schoolers will mark the anniversary with a special 9/11 curriculum that will “analyze diversity and prejudice in U.S. history.” And, if the “9/11 Peace Story Quilt” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art teaches us anything, it’s that the “tragic events” only underline the “importance of respect.” And “understanding.” As one of the quilt panels puts it:

You should never feel left out

You are a piece of a puzzle

And without you

The whole picture can’t be seen.

And if that message of “healing and unity” doesn’t sum up what happened on Sept. 11, 2001, what does? A painting of a plane flying into a building? A sculpture of bodies falling from a skyscraper? Oh, don’t be so drearily literal. “It is still too soon,” says Midori Yashimoto, director of the New Jersey City University Visual Arts Gallery, whose exhibition “Afterwards & Forward” is intended to “promote dialogue, deeper reflection, meditation, and contextualization.” So, instead of planes and skyscrapers, it has Yoko Ono’s “Wish Tree,” on which you can hang little tags with your ideas for world peace.

What’s missing from these commemorations?


Oh, please. There are some pieces of the puzzle we have to leave out. As Mayor Bloomberg’s office has patiently explained, there’s “not enough room” at the official Ground Zero commemoration to accommodate any firemen. “Which is kind of weird,” wrote the Canadian blogger Kathy Shaidle, “since 343 of them managed to fit into the exact same space ten years ago.” On a day when all the fancypants money-no-object federal acronyms comprehensively failed — CIA, FBI, FAA, INS — the only bit of government that worked was the low-level unglamorous municipal government represented by the Fire Department of New York. When they arrived at the World Trade Center the air was thick with falling bodies — ordinary men and women trapped on high floors above where the planes had hit, who chose to spend their last seconds in one last gulp of open air rather than die in an inferno of jet fuel. Far “too soon” for any of that at New Jersey City University, but perhaps you could reenact the moment by filling out a peace tag for Yoko Ono’s “Wish Tree” and then letting it flutter to the ground.

Upon arrival at the foot of the towers, two firemen were hit by falling bodies. “There is no other way to put it,” one of their colleagues explained. “They exploded.”

Any room for that on the Metropolitan Museum’s “Peace Quilt”? Sadly not. We’re all out of squares.

What else is missing from these commemorations?

“Let’s Roll”?

What’s that — a quilting technique?

No, what’s missing from these commemorations is more Muslims. The other day I bumped into an old BBC pal who’s flying in for the anniversary to file a dispatch on why you see fewer women on the streets of New York wearing niqabs and burqas than you do on the streets of London. She thought this was a telling indictment of the post-9/11 climate of “Islamophobia.” I pointed out that, due to basic differences in immigration sources, there are far fewer Muslims in New York than in London. It would be like me flying into Stratford-on-Avon and reporting on the lack of Hispanics. But the suits had already approved the trip, so she was in no mood to call it off.

How are America’s allies remembering the real victims of 9/11? “Muslim Canucks Deal with Stereotypes Ten Years After 9/11,” reports CTV in Canada. And it’s a short step from stereotyping to criminalizing. “How the Fear of Being Criminalized Has Forced Muslims into Silence,” reports the Guardian in Britain. In Australia, a Muslim terrorism suspect was so fearful of being criminalized and stereotyped in the post-9/11 epidemic of paranoia that he pulled a Browning pistol out of his pants and hit Sgt. Adam Wolsey of the Sydney constabulary. Fortunately, Judge Leonie Flannery acquitted him of shooting with intent to harm on the grounds that “‘anti-Muslim sentiment’ made him fear for his safety,” as Sydney’s Daily Telegraph reported on Friday. That’s such a heartwarming story for this 9/11 anniversary they should add an extra panel to the peace quilt, perhaps showing a terror suspect opening fire on a judge as she’s pronouncing him not guilty and then shrugging off the light shoulder wound as a useful exercise in healing and unity.

What of the 23rd Psalm? It was recited by Flight 93 passenger Todd Beamer and the telephone operator Lisa Jefferson in the final moments of his life before he cried, “Let’s roll!” and rushed the hijackers.

No, sorry. Aside from firemen, Mayor Bloomberg’s official commemoration hasn’t got any room for clergy, either, what with all the Executive Deputy Assistant Directors of Healing and Outreach who’ll be there. One reason why there’s so little room at Ground Zero is because it’s still a building site. As I write in my new book, 9/11 was something America’s enemies did to us; the ten-year hole is something we did to ourselves — and in its way, the interminable bureaucratic sloth is surely as eloquent as anything Nanny Bloomberg will say in his remarks.

In Shanksville, Pa., the zoning and permitting processes are presumably less arthritic than in Lower Manhattan, but the Flight 93 memorial has still not been completed. There were objections to the proposed “Crescent of Embrace” on the grounds that it looked like an Islamic crescent pointing towards Mecca. The defense of its designers was that, au contraire, it’s just the usual touchy-feely huggy-weepy pansy-wimpy multiculti effete healing diversity mush. It doesn’t really matter which of these interpretations is correct, since neither of them has anything to do with what the passengers of Flight 93 actually did a decade ago. 9/11 was both Pearl Harbor and the Doolittle Raid rolled into one, and the fourth flight was the only good news of the day, when citizen volunteers formed themselves into an ad hoc militia and denied Osama bin Laden what might have been his most spectacular victory. A few brave individuals figured out what was going on and pushed back within half an hour. But we can’t memorialize their sacrifice within a decade. And when the architect gets the memorial brief, he naturally assumes that there’s been a typing error and that “Let’s roll!” should really be “Let’s roll over!”

And so we commemorate an act of war as a “tragic event,” and we retreat to equivocation, cultural self-loathing, and utterly fraudulent misrepresentation about the events of the day. In the weeks after 9/11, Americans were enjoined to ask, “Why do they hate us?” A better question is: “Why do they despise us?” And the quickest way to figure out the answer is to visit the Peace Quilt and the Wish Tree, the Crescent of Embrace and the Hole of Bureaucratic Inertia.

— Mark Steyn, a National Review columnist, is the author of After America: Get Ready for Armageddon. © 2011 Mark Steyn.

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Why We Fight – 9-11 Remembered/Meet My Little Friend

On the 10th Anniversary of the 9-11 Attacks, I decided to link to a video done back in 2007 in gratitude for brothers fighting on the front lines, as our own political discourse in the USA became muddled with the anti-war/Code Pink/Ron Paul protesters. The morale of our troops was dispiriting when they read what was happening back home.  My impetus was to give them a boost and let them know there are plenty of us who understand why they are there fighting, how long Islam has been waging war on the USA, and how much we are praying for their mission, and their safe return home after destroying the enemy.

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