Obama’s Middle Nuclear Finger To Us All – Bashes Americans On Iranian State TV


Obama goes on TV to address Iranians with best wishes on their holiday of Nowruz- then bashes Israel and Americans who oppose his efforts to hand Iran nuclear weapons.

Is it not amazing that His Heinous Obama I – never misses the opportunity to commemorate or celebrate every single Islamic holiday in the world?    Shia or Sunni?  So Obama tapes a message broadcast on Iranian TV, marking the Persian New Year celebration of Nowruz and uses the occasion to promote his plan to hand Iran nuclear weapons to their Mullah’s and Ayatollah.  He then went on to bash Americans who oppose his plan to hand them the weapons they will ultimately use on America and Israel.

“A nuclear deal now can help open the door for you, the Iranian people,” Obama said on TV.

Open the door to what?  Global Conquest?  Nuclear annihilation? Starting a nuclear WWIII to usher in their 12th Imam?

This petulant boy-king, enraged at Benjamin Netanyahu’s victory not only declares that the United States will “reassess our relationship with Israel”, but then goes directly to the Iranians to promote his efforts to hand them nukes.  This not only to a nation that promised to wipe Israel off the map, but an Islamic regime that just last week was found plotting to use nuclear weapons on the United States.

Iran endorses nuclear EMP attack on United States

One nuclear warhead detonated at high-altitude over the United States would blackout the national electric grid and other life sustaining critical infrastructures for months or years by means of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP). A nationwide blackout lasting one year, according to the Congressional EMP Commission, could cause chaos and starvation that leaves 90 percent of Americans dead.

Iranian military documents describe such a scenario–including a recently translated Iranian military textbook that endorses nuclear EMP attack against the United States.

Thus, Iran with a small number of nuclear missiles can by EMP attack threaten the existence of modernity and be the death knell for Western principles of international law, humanism and freedom. For the first time in history, a failed state like Iran could destroy the most successful societies on Earth and convert an evolving benign world order into world chaos.

Yet Obama just last night – goes on Iranian television to promote giving their Islamic regime the very weapons they need to do attack us with.  In addition, Obama is considering lifting the 3 decades-long Arms embargo the Iranians demand before any secret deal is made.

A secret deal that the White House said they will keep secret – even after the agreement is made.

So here is the treasonous bastard, on Iranian TV – pushing his nuke deal and giving us all the big finger.  Let’s see if you are smart enough to pick up on the great lie he tells in this video.

Taqiyya much?  Well, here is the great big fat lie he told in that video, a lie that Hillary Clinton and his regime have insisted on for months.

Obama Is A Liar: There Is No Fatwa Against Nuclear Weapons By Iran’s Ayatollah Khameni

The Obama administration may not have much use for federal law or for Congress’s constitutional role in providing advice on, determining whether to consent to, and enacting any legislation necessary to implement international agreements. But it exhibits cloying reverence for a fatwa — a sharia law edict — issued by a jurist who runs a regime that is the world’s leading state sponsor of jihadist terror.

Even when the fatwa is a patent hoax.

…[T]he Supreme Leader [Khamenei] has issued a fatwa against the development of nuclear weapons, and President Rouhani has just recently reiterated that the Islamic Republic will never develop a nuclear weapon.

But the “fatwa” in question does not exist.

The invaluable Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) has done extensive research into compilations of Khamenei’s published fatwas. (See here and here, and citations therein.) No such fatwa has ever been published.

In a sharia state, particularly the one in Iran that is actually run by the country’s top sharia jurists, fatwas are important statements of governing law, like statutes are in the U.S. Yet despite repeated requests, Iran has never produced the purported anti-nuclear weapons fatwa from Khamenei.

Indeed, as MEMRI elaborates, Khamenei was directly asked about the purported fatwa in a 2012 Facebook exchange:

[I]s it also forbidden to obtain nuclear weapons, as per your ruling that their use is prohibited?

He refused to answer the question:

Your question has no jurisprudential aspect. When it has a jurisprudent [sic] position, then it will be possible to answer it.

The notion that Khamenei actually believes nuclear weapons violate Islamic law and would issue a credible fatwa to that effect should be seen as absurd on its face. Put aside that Pakistan, which incorporates sharia in its law, has long had nuclear weapons. For over two decades, al-Qaeda has been trying to acquire nuclear weapons and has enjoyed essential support from the regime in Tehran.

Oil-rich Iran has no need to develop nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. It has explicitly threatened to wipe Israel off the map. It has been busily been developing weapons systems capable of delivering nuclear bombs in conjunction with its uranium enrichment. It could not be more obvious that Khamenei’s regime, far from rejecting nuclear weapons as anti-Islamic, seeks to acquire them in order to promote the imposition of its Islamic-supremacist ideology.

Is it not amazing that the man who pledged to the Russians and the world that he is committed to “a world without nuclear weapons” , and subsequently dismantled our own nuclear stockpiles – is so adamant to make sure that Iran obtains and develops nuclear weapons?  With Obama’s BLESSING I might add.

The sacking of Troy will not hold a candle to what Obama is enabling to happen to us and the world.



Obama administration won’t commit to making Iran deal public

Some details of a nuclear deal with Iran may not be made public, a senior Obama administration official said Thursday. …the emerging nuclear deal would likely allow Iran to have up to 6,000 nuclear centrifuges for at least 10 years. The deal would also lift sanctions on the country.





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16 responses to “Obama’s Middle Nuclear Finger To Us All – Bashes Americans On Iranian State TV

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    Obama’s Middle Nuclear Finger To Us All – Bashes Americans On Iranian State TV

  2. ray jones

    several years ago 08-09 it was reported that iran bought on the black market from russia if memory serves me multiple nuclear devices a minimum of 4 maximum of 12…..it was either hawk or qauyle that reported it…then everything went quite….. correct me if i am wrong….fukushima may have been caused by a nuke….now if i wanted the 12th imom[misspelled on purpose] to return how would i go about that if i had 12 nukes……in the name of the murdering pedophile profit muhhamed!

  3. Obama Has Declared war On Israel with His Pride & Evy of BIBI, His Alliance is to the Muslim World to Iran, a Child would know Hes opened the door to the Devil with Iran

  4. People are still in denial about the Lord’s Obama Antichrist revelations!

    Read them at revelation12.ca or prophecies.org

  5. Nickname

    This is what happens when you practice racism, you end up putting in a racist who wishes to see white people gone!

  6. Surprised? I don’t think any truth comes out of the psychopaths pie hole.

  7. Arizona

    THE LORD SAYS 290,000,000 thats million,americans ARE working for SATAN,christians are out numbered 9-1,NOW OUR LORD has heard the calls to satan to be his new family,and he has agreed,IT WILL BE ALLOWED,america will be sinking into hell with their new DADDY satan,YOU CHRISTIANS will be HUNTED like the LORD said you would,ALL satans minions will be after you and most of you WILL be killed by them,GET CLOSE TO OUR LORD,hes going to pour out his WRATH on america here real soon,you will get to see some of what americas devil worshippers wanted,THEN you will be taken out of the way,as OUR LORD punishes them to death,YES you will see the streets and side walks covered with their blood,REMEMBER its what they wanted,STAY CLOSE TO THE LORD,he will protect you,AND what you see will be VERY trying,IT WAS THEIR CHOICE,they wanted SATAN remember,SO STAY GLUED TO THE LORD…………..

  8. Arizona

    DID you guys realize the US MILITARY has been practicing warfare on christians?THEY FULLY intend to fight the LORD and his ARMY, when he returns,WE know how this will end don’t we,BUT,they have discovered<IF YOU HIT A REAL CHRISTIAN WITH A CATTLE PROD,IN THE DARK,THEY WILL LIGHT UP like a christmas tree,THEY WILL BE DOING THIS,and it will be off to the FEMA DEATH CAMPS after that,TO BE KILLED,remember you were warned about this……the rest will take the CHIP and LATER the MARK OF THE BEAST….and later be killed too……

  9. Cedric Joseph

    Obama under lord Satan is setting up for the rule of the Antichrist kingdom on earth which is prophesied in the bible to take place soon.

  10. Attention: IRAN already has NUKES…They have been running Centrifuges for 41 years now…How much refined Uranium do you think they have stored???? Building a Nuke is simple…the hard part is the core configuration (shaping the material with laser precision machining) and the detonators….which the Russians have sold on the black market to them long ago…Better wake up Amerika ….Bathhouse Barry is opening the door to make them look legit…in stepping up their unveiling of their capabilities …
    Netyen yahoo already knows this…WWWIII is at hand…Israel will turn Iran into a silicon glass bowl ….
    Islam is the number 1 threat to the USA ….the number 2 is our Open Boarders…3 …Drug Cartels controlling the southern border..

  11. Anonymous

    I’m not much of an Obama fan … But … I know several middle eastern nations, Non-Christian nations, have nukes. India, Pakistan, Kazakistan, and almost any US ally in the region. I know that when the USSR was falling apart, virtually EVERYTHING was for sale. There are still nukes un accounted for. The ONLY country that has used tactical nukes on its’ neighbors appears to be Israel. The widespread paranoia about what Iran “can do” or “might do” appears to be based on the actions of “other countries” rather than Iran’s history. If I had a gun, I could shoot my neighbor. That fact is totally irrelevant. My neighbors are nice people, I WILL NOT WILLINGLY SHOOT ANY OF THEM.
    It truly is not what one can do, but what one will do.
    The evidence for paranoia against Iran is unsupported by history.

  12. Jay

    It has been said that having a debate with the current Muslim in Chief is like playing a game of chess with a chicken. He knocks over all the pieces, poops all over the board and then struts around acting like he won the game.

  13. Bruce

    we could use an American legal fatwa to bring Obama to trial for treason…………….start a fund and pay the successful lawyer who stops Obama, Kerry, Hillary, and the rest of the maniacs running our whitehouse…..we really should be ready to fight by now

  14. Enoughalready!

    When is this niglit going to fall and break his neck!

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