Yet Another Nail….

It passes, 283 – 136.

The Bill: To authorize appropriations for fiscal year 2012 for military activities of the Department of Defense, for military construction, and for defense activities of the Department of Energy, to prescribe military personnel strengths for such fiscal year, and for other purposes.

Contained within this new law unchanged, is Section 1031: which authorizes the military to go literally anywhere in the world to imprison civilians — even American citizens in the United States itself — without charge or trial, based on suspicion alone.

It now goes to Obama for his Heinous’ signature into law.

Don’t look for a veto.  Obama and his regime has played this very well, making statements that they ‘oppose’ the provisions for detention of American citizens, yet Obama’s own man Carl Levin (D) spilled the beans that it was Obama himself who demanded they REMOVE the language that would exempt American citizens from the provision of indefinite detainment?

The ability to make anyone disappear, without charge or trial – is now, with his signature – “legal”.  Anyone that the ‘executive’ declares an ‘enemy’ or ‘terrorist’ is subject to being arrested indefinitely without charge or trial.  That means Obama, on his own authority can declare you an enemy – and make you disappear, all perfectly legal.  Let’s also not forget who this regime has already deemed to be a domestic terrorist, and one wonders what the Ruling Class idiots in D.C. are smoking, unless it’s our flesh they crave.

In addition, a national security waiver allows the executive branch to move Jihad terror suspects from military tribunals to civilian courts was placed in the president’s hands rather than the Defense secretary’s, a change Carl Levin said Obama had asked for.   So Obama himself can decide what American citizen is an enemy he is able to make disappear, and at the same time, Obama can decide that Jihadist’s caught on the battlefield can be tried in civilian courts with the rights American citizens used to have.

Get the picture of what is going on now?

All this under the guise of funding the military for fiscal year 2012.

Then again, Harry Reid shoves Cowboy Poetry festivals into budget bills.  Pretty much means they can now shove whatever they want into anything they pass since they now have the power to make anyone they want disappear into military custody.



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7 responses to “Yet Another Nail….

  1. Anonymous

    I urge Christians to turn your backs on this government. The only government that can offer hope is that one coming with the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. This nation, by it’s hatred of all things Godly, has sewn…and it will soon reap.

  2. Buick Electra

    I urge Christians to turn your backs on this government. The only government that can offer hope is that one coming with the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. This nation, by it’s hatred of all things Godly, has sewn…and it will soon reap.

  3. invar

    Our Founders employed a tactic that drives tyrants absolutely out of their minds insane, forces them to over reach and makes the end-game known. It is the tactic of non-compliance, which is what BE just suggested above.

    Non compliance is also biblical. We have no duty to obey men who are in violation of rights bequeathed to us by our Creator, despite the fact they will assert they have the right to deprive you of what they will. Such is the hallmark of tyrants, and consequences for defiance of tyranny is often painful and fatal. But it is indeed the last and best right you have left to exercise, until the day comes when even that right is taken from you.

  4. LMonty

    and here is another chilling development that dovetails with your observations-one more way to quash free speech.

    the patterns are forming, the puzzle pieces fitting together. the groundwork is laid, as the attacks on our God-given rights accelerate- i think the scramble may be because the progressives fear that there is a real electoral challenge to their current puppet. they need to push their plans to avoid losing time and ground.

  5. invar

    I concur with your notation of the pieces on the board being furiously set for checkmate.

    And thanks for that Thinker piece. I’m going to blog on it today.

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  7. A dictatorship is in the making in our time in the USA so where is the outrage? This is nuts!

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