American Universities Are Grooming A Nation Of Communist Pussies

Student marxists

From Climate Change to White Privilege, Gleichschaltung!  comes to America as the Marxist Left grooms the populace to silence and report anyone who does not think in absolute conformity with the Narrative being handed down.

Listening to all the griping going on in the latest upheavals on America’s College campuses, one cannot pinpoint what it is precisely that has the student bodies in an uproar.  Apparently the Race War Pimps of Only Black Lives Matter and their Community Agitators from Obama’s White House have stoked their mind-numbed Marxist Brownshirts at America’s Ivy League and major Universities across the nation to start the Red Revolution early.  So they are setting fire to the cribs of Socialism in order to tear them down before moving out to do the same with the rest of the country.

The common mantras of this new zeitgeist being stoked across the country on college campuses are:

• White people are evil and inherently racist.

• White Privilege must be admitted to – and then Whites must be punished.

• The Constitution must be overthrown.

Oh yes.  You read that right.  They DEMAND the Constitution be overthrown and ‘rewritten’ for Blacks.

Afrikan Black Coalition seeks to ‘overthrow the Constitution,’ ‘stop white people’

The multi-university Afrikan Black Coalition is calling for black people to engage in revolution and overthrow the Constitution, citing the need to “stop white people” in the “white supremacist world” of America. The Coalition declares, “White people have historically had problems making too many “mistakes.” White people need to be stopped. Period.”  The Coalition goes on to declare that institutional racism (the same ‘evil’ the student protestors at the University of Missouri claimed to be combatting) can’t be overcome unless the Constitution is overthrown.

Then, when you take a look at what the Useful Idiots for the Commies at Mizzou demand – you find a disturbing meme:

• They demand freedom from anything they deem to be offensive.

• They demand freedom from anyone that thinks differently than they do.

• They demand a free ride,  Free tuition,  Free loans,  Free grade point averages,  and the freedom to wage mayhem on everyone else’s dime.  And they have free coverage from Obama’s Praetorian Pravda Media.

The common denominator is race and that White’s who are not goose-stepping Marxists or who do not practice race pimping in solidarity with the Only Black Lives Matter mob, are to be protested and punished.  Free Speech?  Go to hell.

There is no winning.  Worries over censure of free speech is met with charges of insensitivity to blacks who demand censure of free speech and expression.

Protests citing Racial insensitivity over Halloween Costumes at Yale.

The 1,000-demonstrator strong “March of Resilience” followed several racially charged incidents at Yale, including allegations that a fraternity turned away minority students from a “white girls only” Halloween party and video of an impassioned student screaming, “Who the f–k hired you?” at a professor over their disagreement.

Absolutely ANYTHING that these cultivated Marxists find upsetting is fair game for protest – and the idea of applying common sense no longer applies.  In Obama’s Amerika – no dissent or contrary thoughts and opinions will be allowed or permitted.

Dare to defy their demands, and in true Brownshirt fashion – the Mob will be incited to rend apart those whom they are set upon:

Glick Mizzou

Mizzou Professor Orders “Melissa Click” to physically remove student reporter covering her agitation of the mob.

Obama has to be laughing his sick Frank Marshall Davis arse off at watching the collapse of the civil society he almost single-handedly has pushed off the cliff.

So where does this Ferguson-esque stoking of unrest on college campuses go?  Everywhere, according to the Soros-funded outside agitators being sent in like Hitler’s Brownshirts to stoke unrest. The 60’s Marxists who are now running the country are no doubt beaming with pride to see their past upheavals being relived in a nation of youths they have cultivated to hate the country.

As in all Socialist Tyrannies, these mantra’s will become the policy that subjugate the people to the dictates and whims of The State and whatever agenda it champions: Race, Climate, Sex, Religion.    Even if it’s provable Bovine Excrement – it does not matter.  The Left was never about logic in the first place.  Like Satan, the Left broadcasts it’s poison via emotion, and finds many gullible dupes willing to seig-heil whatever and whomever they make a talisman.

Report Subversives!  Heil Obama! Heil Hillary!

Gleichschaltung! American Style with a hard Red twist.

In truth, America’s Universities are doing nothing but churning out a nation of helpless Communist pussies that want to hide behind Mommie Government’s Red Skirt.  They see offense in every person not their color or creed.  They demand the silencing and removal of all ideas and opinions that are not in comport with their political religion.

Genocides are fertilized in such ground as what the United States now sits in.

I’m going to laugh myself silly when Jihadists and Sharia Law come up against these cowards. Their Mommy Government won’t save them then and to Islam’s advantage – they have already been taught how to submit to tyranny.

Now they are being taught to report anyone who says anything they don’t like.  Islam too will find that practice most useful.

A generation of Communist cowards being raised to submit to authoritarian rule.  These at the the last gasps of a dying nation.

University of Missouri Police Ask Students to Report ‘Hurtful Speech’

The Missouri University Police Department (MUPD) sent an email to students Tuesday morning urging them to call them and report any hurtful speech they encounter on the campus.

In an email that was flagged by several Missouri-based journalists, the MUPD asked “individuals who witness incidents of hateful and/or hurtful speech or actions” to call the department’s general phone line “to continue to ensure that the University of Missouri campus remains safe.” They suggest that students provide a detailed description of the offender, their location or license plate number, and even to take a picture if possible.


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19 responses to “American Universities Are Grooming A Nation Of Communist Pussies

  1. I could not possibly agree more…

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  3. scott schmitz

    As for the last two paragraphs in the blue box at the end of the article, turn it against them. Call the police and report the leftists about their speech and actions. Demand action be taken against them. Perhaps when they are on the receiving end of the bullying they will see the folly of their approach.


    The mud races unite to destroy Whitey. But we WILL WIN. WE WHITES MAY BE OUTNUMBERED BUT WE WILL NOT BE DEFEATED…

  5. evoval

    In the 50’s until the fall of the Soviet Union America went to war around the world killing millions to stop communist aggression.
    Then like a flick of a switch embraced communist ideology by giving everything to Red China.

    When will Americans do the same in America as they’ve done in other country’s to stop communist aggression?
    Seems like the American capitalist hypocrites have lost to communism. What do you think the reason is for the jack booted militarized police force and the in your face up your arse surveillance is all about?
    Its your American communism working like communism works suckers!
    Americans are idiots. Everyone getting upset all over Gruber’s Americans are stupid factual comment. Its the only thing that’s come from Obamacare that’s right!

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  7. bll

    useless scum attending universities, they will regret all they are doing when hammer falls. They will cry like the babies they are and crap in there diapers when it happens. By the way I wont be there to aid or assist them when there communist lovers take them out first for being such useless idiots.

  8. This is only part of the picture – they are also using the coercive tactics of the federal govt to push the cultural Marxist agenda — see all new mandatory Title IX training being required for ALL STUDENTS and ALL EMPLOYEES in ALL institutions of higher ed which receive federal dollars (that’s all of them, folks) and what exactly that entails.

    It is a broadsword approach to brainwashing – and it is happening right NOW! – and no one is even talking about it. Title IX is the newest and most insidious Trojan Horse being used to shove the leftist ideology – unchallenged – down the throats of college students all across the country.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on The Lynler Report.

  10. Keith

    The rules they impose on everyone else, do not apply to themselves. That’s what happened to the christen bakers. Others went to gay bakers to get them to bake a Christian themed cake. The gay bakers wouldn’t do it. When taken to the district attorney for prosecution, nothing was done!!!

  11. Arizona

    LISTEN CAREFULY,america is about to be destroyed,COMPLETELY,its already a third world country,but the liberals aren’t happy with that, they want to be dead also,along with eveyone else,THEIR WISH HAS BEEN GRANTED,..OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN HAS HEARD THE CRYS OF HIS LITTLE ONES,having their BLOOD spilled out on the ground,READ KINGS in your BIBLE then you’ll understand,prepare to MEET YOUR MAKER,the warnings have gone out through his PROPHETS,no one listened to them,TO BAD,it will catch most of americans by complete surprise,NOW the blood will flow in every street in america,ITS what everyone wanted,YOUR WISH HAS BEEN GRANTED……………

  12. B.S.

    They’re not even being consistent with their ideological forefathers:

  13. Wily

    Being a Miseyrian (Mo) it’s very obvious of the media propaganda on steroids – Not all blacks are buying the media dung – It’s obivious who’s ” ” the real racist!

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  18. Anonymous

    I just want to push the button!!!

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