New Jihad Threats: Schools and “Mass Exterminations”

Jihad at Schools

Another Al Qaeda tape has surfaced on Islamic web sites today, making it the third tape to mark the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks six years ago. The video calls for Jihadist terror acts on the West to be a daily occurrence and calls for “acts of mass extermination”.

Also today, the warnings about terrorists targeting schools has gone up a notch with the discovery of nine Jihadist postcards mailed to schools in Florida BEFORE last Monday’s 9-11 anniversary and BEFORE the subject of CNN Headline News’ series on Islamic Terrorists tergeting American schools and busses aired last week.

Warning bells or pranks?

Just another “empty’ threat?

Will we take the chance?

Jihadists have seen the trashing of General Petraeus by the Democrat Socialists. They have seen Presidential Candidates trash the war on Jihadists and even travel to Islamic terror states to denounce America.

They sense victory over American resolve and now they wish to bring the fight right to our doors as talk of retreat from Iraq and A’stan is now a foregone conclusion.

Dangerous days ahead.

UPDATE: 9-18 –

VERY Comprehensive and detailed listing of this subject with links to all information about this threat that we have been followingHERE.

Jihad Terror Threat On Our Schools and Busses

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