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The Christian Political Split


At one time in our nation’s history, the Christian church – in all of it’s protestant denominations – set the agenda for the nation and kept the culture on a straight and narrow path that preserved liberty and freedom.

The Christian church preached political separatism from England in the Colonies. They loudly excoriated unjust rulership, and forged the fire to war for independence. They preached the gospel of the liberty they believed Christ gave them in the fight for freedom from the crown.

The Christian church spearheaded the abolition of slavery, and stood as a beacon towards making sure liberty had a sure compass towards making a more perfect union. Personal responsibility was tied to the duty a Christian had for his neighbors and ultimately, the country. Christianity had the wisdom to recognize clear threats to the liberty they were entrusted to protect, and were willing to go to war to ensure that the freedom they were stewards of would be passed on intact, and bettered for their children.

Until the cancer of Liberalism, Socialism and moral relavatism ate away at our foundations, under the watchful eyes of a Church that did not take the rebelliousness of a selfish generation seriously.

When the culture wars began in earnest in the 1960’s, a movement in the Christian church rose up to denounce and stand for the values they believed were the bedrock of a society worth fighting for. The Silent Majority became a powerhouse of Conservatism and from where Ronald Reagan won two landslide victories in the 1980’s.

But in an age of a discarded faith, a watered-down feel-good Christianity and in the onslaught of secular socialism – the bulwark of Christian Liberty itself is now being torn asunder – from within.

As the Christian church has divorced itself from fighting for the culture, it is now in the process of divorcing itself from conservative politics, and taking either an inward approach to faith, or embracing the Socialist Left for what they define as moral justice.

As this happens, America can kiss what liberty it has left left, goodbye. It is amazing to me to see so many Christians missing the plain truth that as our culture removes God from prominence, our nation’s wisdom is going out the door right along with it, and instead of embracing God – it embraces those things anethema and hostile to our very existence.

America has gone from a land that fiercly defended it’s culture and rose to fight for right, to an emoting people that preach pacifism, collectivism and materialism. The fiery words and warnings from preachers who saw the danger of the political Left encroaching on freedom – are being drummed out of churches and fellowships for smooth and easy words of religious and personal validation and acceptance.

Freedom as established for us cannot survive without a vibrant and vocal Christian faith keeping the Republic. Sadly, it appears the Christian church itself is in the process of accomodating exactly what the Apostle Paul’s letter to Timothy in chapter 3 warns of this culture to a rebellious people described in Isaiah 30:10 “Give us no more visions of what is right! Tell us pleasant things, smooth things, prophesy illusions. Leave this way, get off this path, and stop confronting us with the Holy One of Israel!”

This article on the Evangelical Crack-up, makes the split among Christians along political and cultural lines crystal clear. Of course they are tying the political fortunes of the GOP and Christian Conservatives to simple Bush hatred and opposition to the war on Jihadists. But what I see on a deeper level is a split of once-Christian Conservatives that are falling for the Satanic doctrines of the NeoLeft – who preaches pacifism, “tolerance” and “social Justice” in the realm of “free government health care” are attracting and converting millions of Christians to Socialism and a completely INTOLERANT society built on the precepts of men.

Bill Murchison answers Kirkpatrick’s lengthy article in Fall of the Religious Right and points out:

There has always been a lot of politics in religion and a lot of religion in politics. I find it odd when commentators blabber about some nonexistent wall that in blither times kept religion and politics apart. There was never such a wall, nor could there be. The ultimate nature of religious concerns — heaven, hell, death, judgment — makes them easily eclipse managerial questions like budgetary “earmarks” and deficits in health insurance coverage. A thoroughgoing secularist is, in politics, a bird of considerable rarity.

…Critics of the religious right never have acknowledged that Jerry Falwell, James Dobson, Pat Robertson, etc., didn’t just decide one day to capture America for Christ. What they decided was to engage in the right of collective self-defense against unprovoked aggression.

Sadly, many Christians today think it unChristian to engage in any kind of self-defense, unless it is standing up for the right of homosexuals to marry and the right of Jihadists to wage war on Americans without impediment. If only our judgment was not so clouded by stupidity, having rejected the only sound wisdom that can preserve a republic.

Government Socialism and our Liberty – cannot co-exist. It is striking that among all of these “social Justice” Christians that at one time voted for Ronald Reagan, they see no harm in voting for empowering the government with Secular Leftists that seek to abolish the right of American Christians to the free exercize of their faith.

I do not see a hopeful future for our country with a faith so divided among itself, and so inward – willing to go quietly into the closets or embracing the debaucherous culture by refusing to judge the parades of depravity that celebrates the death of God in America.

It’s a shame we have no understanding about the role the Churches at one time played in shaping our nation’s greatness. The Christianity of our forefathers was not one of pacifism and individual fulfillment – but of the mission to establish liberty and to follow God’s will for our lives. In the rush to separate religion from America, we have separated ourselves from God, and deceive ourselves into thinking we are still a good people that will reap prosperity.

The Christian church is being divided – and conquered under the watchful eyes of a people in the faith who no longer want to hear the hard truth beyond the emoting rhetoric of so-called social justice.

Perhaps like Ancient Israel, it will not be until we are destroyed and taken into captivity that these lessons will be understood.

Make no mistake, God is consistent. Even our Founders at one time trembled under the thought of incurring the wrath of a Just God on a Blessed People. The fact our enemies are promising and preparing for our destruction while we demand to ignore, embrace and dialogue with them, speaks volumes to this testament that a nation devoid of God is a nation bereft of wisdom, ripe for the whirlwind it has repaed for itself.

While America has the form of religion, it has denied the power thereof – and because we have betrayed this greatest trust ever granted to so small a number, ours will merit punishment greater than any nation before us, and the condemnation of heaven itself.


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Banned Flag Folding Ceremony Directive From the V.A.


I have received several comments and notes on other forums that have called into question the directive on banning the recital of the flag folding ceremony by the American Legion Honor Guard.

I have asked for details and specific clarification from Rees Lloyd on the information he shared with us at the ROH banquet earlier this month. He sends the following note, along with a PDF of the actual directive from Steve L. Muro from the Department fo Veterans Affairs. A link to the full resolution PDF file is here.

Of course, I am of the conviction that the VA be damned – and we assert our right of free exercize.

It is better to obey God than men, and when it comes to acknowledging God’s role in our nation’s greatness and the blessings we have received in honoring both Our Creator and those who served this nation, we should do so with eagerness – consequences notwithstanding.

Liberty, is to be risked, and freedom cannot endure without people willing to risk penalty for daring to defy the tyranny of men.

God Bless people like Rees Lloyd and those who served our nation’s military.

In light of [Sword At The Ready’s] request for information to convince those of little faith that the VA in fact has banned the reading of the Flag Folding Ceremony by MHD Teams, including mine, at all federal veterans cemeteries, I am attaching hereto the 9/27/07 directive of the VA imposing that ban, and further requiring that all cemeteries remove from the premises copies of the Flag Folding Ceremony.

My American Legion Riverside Post 79 Memorial Honor Detail Team 12 was informed of the ban just before we performed our sixth, and last, military service of the day on the first Tuesday in October at Riverside National Cemetery, where our team has performed over 1,400 military funeral services.

On that memorable first Tuesday in October, a staff car rolled up and a staffer informed us that we could not read the Flag Folding Ceremony because VA had issued a directive forbidding it.

I inquired of the administration after we completed that final funeral service (without reading the traditional Flag Folding Ceremony pursuant to the ban), and it was confirmed that a directive banning the recitation had been issued from the VA in Washington, D.C. I was informed of the contents, but was not given a copy.

As you are aware from Riverside Press Enterprise and Association Press news reports on Thursday 10/25 and Friday 10/26 respectively, the VA has refused to release that directive publicly event to the media, while attempting to justify the prohibition.

As a public service, I am attaching FYI a copy of the banned directive imposing the ban which some of Michael’s readers, apparently, do not believe exists. Perhaps reading the directive will provide the proof they need to accept the obvious–which should be manifest to everyone inasmuch as our MHD teams have been prevented from reading the Flag Folding Ceremony, even when performing military services for one of our own American Legion members.

REES LLOYD, Attorney
Jr. Past Commander District 21 (Cal),
Director, Defense of Veterans Memorials Project
of The American Legion Dept. of California


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Ron Paul – D.O.A.


My sentiments exactly, notwithstanding all the kooks, nitwits and conspiracy wonks that flock to this guy’s banner.

I really have no desire to support a guy who has his speeches regurgitated by Osama Bin laden and Ahmadinejad of Iran as justifications for their Jihad.

Nor should we support a guy who blames America for causing 9-11, supported by hordes of kooks who think Bush flew the planes into the towers and demolished the WTC with explosives to do a Reichstag fire.

Rhetoric vs. Reality: Why the Ron Paul Campaign is DOA

Although presidential candidate Ron Paul is a life long Libertarian, he has chosen to operate within the Republican Party. The Libertarian Party has never been able to get off the ground due to some of its extreme positions and Paul, like other Libertarians, eventually found a home in a broadened RNC. However, within that party, Paul is only connecting with a small libertarian wing, about 3-5% of Republican voters, based on an average of all available national polls.

Though all conservatives and most Republicans agree with Ron Paul rhetoric concerning a general reverence for our founding principles and documents, there is a clear divide between Ron Paul Libertarians and all other conservatives on matters of national security. Namely, the alleged “illegal invasion” of Iraq

Although many conservatives could unite with Paul on many other domestic issues, especially the idea of limited government, reduced spending and taxation and less government intrusion into personal lives, they quickly part company on this issue.

According to Ron Paul and his followers, the U.S. military action in Iraq was not an act of “liberating” the Iraqi people or even an act of deposing the world’s most brutal rogue regime, known to have sponsored terrorism. In Ron Paul’s mind, it was an “invasion” of a sovereign nation and on this premise; they follow with the assertion that such an act of aggression is both “illegal” and “unconstitutional.”

Of course, I am still waiting for Ron Paul or just one of his supporters to direct me to that part of the constitution that says America is not allowed to take preventive action against a known foreign enemy in defense of our own sovereign nation.

…On 9/11/01, nearly every American was shocked and demanding to know how such events could happen to us, here on our own soil.

…Should we “prevent” further attacks, or simply “respond” to those attacks once they happen?

…It’s almost as if Ron Paul and his supporters fell asleep in the late 1700’s and woke up this morning trying to figure out what to do in a world quite different than the one the fell asleep in.

…Most conservatives have been awake the entire time however, and they aren’t buying into the emotional rhetoric surrounding the very real war against [jihadists], whether offered by liberals or Libertarians…

More at Link


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One Boy Scout’s Fight For Free Exercise and God’s Commandments


Out of the mouths of babes and Boy Scouts, truth comes.

It’s a sad testament of our devolving culture that a 15 year old boy has to show us guts and the way to restore our foundational heritage, but scripture tells us a Child Shall Lead Them and perhaps this young patriot should shame us all to following his example.

Boy Scout’s request to show Ten Commandments denied _ again

Thou shalt not give up.
That seems to be the motto a 15-year-old Boy Scout has followed in petitioning county government officials in western Kentucky three times — most recently on Tuesday — for permission to include the Ten Commandments in his Eagle Scout project to be displayed at the Henderson County Courthouse.
And despite repeated rebuffing, Ian Gerard has shown no signs of giving up.

While he has been denied, his efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher has sent out a press release in support of Gerard’s efforts and will meet him today at 6 PM at the River Park Center in Owensboro, KY.

ROH is sending a caravan of members to stand with Ian and the governor for our foundations on God’s Commandments and our Right of Free Exercize.

If you are able – please join them.

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Media Finally Reports On the Ban of the Flag Folding Ceremony

Flag Ceremony Banned

I reported this breaking story over two weeks ago Here.

In that time I have had myriad folks e-mail and tell me that I posted bogus information, that it was just Christian paranoia, and that I was lying to simply stir up trouble.

Today the mainstream media finally reports that Veterans Cemeteries Ban Flag-Folding Ceremony

Flag-folding recitation banned at veterans cemeteries nationwide

A single complaint lodged against the words for the 11th fold recently prompted the National Cemetery Administration to ban the entire recital at all 125 national cemeteries.

A spokesman in Washington said the complaint originated from someone who witnessed the ceremony at Riverside National but would provide no other details and declined to release the directive banning the flag-folding recital, saying it was “an internal working document not meant for public distribution.”

Veterans are furious.

“That the actions of one disgruntled, whining, narcissistic and intolerant individual is preventing veterans from getting the honors they deserve is truly an outrage,” said Rees Lloyd, 59, a Vietnam-era veteran and Memorial Honor Detail volunteer. “This is another attempt by secularist fanatics to cleanse any reference to God.”

I think the descriptive words here are these: it was “an internal working document not meant for public distribution.”

In other words, they wanted it to be kept silent, hoping Christian Vets like Rees Lloyd will just roll on over like Christians usually do, and follow “the law” – even when it quashes our right of free exercize and faith.

Thank God for men like him, who stand up and fight for what we are losing every single day in this country.

We need to ALL stand up and join that fight.

We need to do so now.

Get involved. Join orgs like ROH, the American Legion, and fight to preserve what our vets fought and bled to preserve.


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Free Speech For Islamists – No Speech For Those Opposed


I just love Ann Coulter.

She says it like it is – with biting wit, and irreverence for the politically correct sacred cows of the Left.

The liberals and Lefties pay lip service to freedom, while displaying the hypocritical double standard that they always display.

THEY have rights.

We do not.

They can speak about hating America and the people in it.

We cannot refute or denounce them.

Colleges have an open forum for Jihadists and genocidal maniacs planning the apocalypse.

Those seeking to counter and oppose Jihadists are silenced.

The Dhimmitude of the Liberal Left is as legend as their tyrannical intolerance to be tolerant of all things hostile to America.

The NeoLeft supports Islamofascism and Silences Opposition

College liberals are in a fit of pique because various speakers are coming to their campuses this week as part of David Horowitz’s Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week – not to be confused with Islamo-Fascism Appreciation Week, which I believe is in April.

Apparently, liberals support Islamo-fascism.

The Democratic leadership might want to have a powwow with their base because I believe their public position is to pretend to oppose Islamic fascism.

Elected Democrats at least make empty rhetorical gestures about opposing Islamic fascism. Of course, amidst their nonspecific condemnations of Islamic terrorism, they make very specific demands that we genuflect before Islam and perform exotic fetishes on the fascists.

Liberals believe in burning the American flag, urinating on crucifixes and passing out birth control pills to 11-year-olds without telling their parents – but God forbid an infidel touch a Quran at Guantanamo.

College campuses across the nation are installing foot baths to accommodate Muslims’ daily bathing ritual, while surgically removing the Ten Commandments from every public space in America. Maybe the Ten Commandments could be printed on towels and kept next to the foot baths.

The National Council for Social Studies recommended a lesson plan after 9/11 that included a story titled “My Name Is Osama” about a nasty little white boy, “Todd,” who taunts a fine upstanding Iraqi immigrant named “Osama.” Go ahead, laugh it up – we’ll see who’s laughing when “My Name Is Osama” ends up on ABC’s prime-time lineup next year.

This story was proposed in response to an event in which Muslims with names like “Osama” committed the most massive hate crime in U.S. history against 3,000 innocent civilians with names like “Todd.”

Still and all, Democrats who seek the votes of their fellow Americans continue to claim in a vague, meaningless way to oppose Islamo-fascism.

And then when speakers like Cyrus Nowrasteh, the writer and producer of the ABC miniseries “The Path to 9/11,” and Nonie Darwish, whose father founded the Fedayeen, show up on college campuses to criticize Islamic terrorism, the Democratic base threatens to riot. The only thing that makes the cut-and-run crowd mad enough to fight is the idea that someone, somewhere might be criticizing radical Islam.

Consequently, the speakers for Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week require the sort of security phalanx one would expect for someone more like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Oh wait – no. Ahmadinejad was cheered by college students a few weeks ago – at least until he expressed reservations about sodomy. (On the basis of Ahmadinejad’s claims, instead of looking for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, how about we start looking for gays in Iran?)

Even American intellectuals like Dennis Prager and Michael Medved who are speaking during Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week are denounced by liberals as if they were David Duke. One pro-Islamo-fascism website indicts Medved on the grounds that he “has claimed that Islam has a ‘special violence problem.'” It doesn’t get much more diplomatic than that.

Conservative speakers are constantly being physically attacked on college campuses – including Bill Kristol, Pat Buchanan, David Horowitz and me, among others. Fortunately, the attackers are Democrats, so they throw like girls and generally end up with their noses bloodied by pretty college coeds. But that doesn’t make it right.

Michael Moore can waddle anywhere he wants in America without fear of violence from Republicans. But we still have to hear about every testy e-mail Paul Krugman ever receives as if liberals are living in the black night of fascism. Any time Krugman wants to get into a “Most Vicious Hate Mail” contest, just say the word. You don’t hear me sniffling.

Congressional Democrats are constantly calling for conservative private citizens to be silenced. Even Democratic candidates for president and their wives are getting in on the act.

A few weeks ago, in the midst of Senate Democrats’ demand that Rush Limbaugh’s microphone be silenced, Lizzie Edwards distracted herself from the latest National Enquirer by announcing on Air America that Limbaugh’s draft deferment was phony.

I was pretty shocked. Who knew Air America was still on the air?

I know every time Democrats call for me to be silenced, I feel a delicious surge of martyrdom. For a brief moment, I understand the thrill the left gets by going around claiming to be victimized all the time.

I could almost imagine a poem:

First they came for Rush Limbaugh, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t Rush Limbaugh;
And then they came for Ann Coulter, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t Ann Coulter;

And then they came for David Horowitz, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t David Horowitz;

And then … they came for me … And by that time there was no one left to speak up.

Liberals claim to be terrified that the religious right is going to take over the culture in a country where more than a million babies are exterminated every year, kindergarteners can be expelled from school for mentioning God, and Islamic fascists are welcomed on college campuses while speakers opposed to Islamic fascism are met with angry protests.

If liberals want to face real fascism, try showing up on a college campus and denounce (Islamic) fascism.


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Firestorm Creates Firestorm of Blame


Prayers and hopes go out ot our fellow countrymen in Southern California who are suffering loss and anguish at this time of fire and tribulation.

It’s sad and revealing that the Politicos who are drunk on power cannot help themselves but politicize a catastrophe that may be a combination of natural and intentional disaster.

California Fire Battalion Chief – Whoever Did This Knew What They Were Doing

FBI: al-Qaeda detainee spoke of fire plot

Of course the Politcal Pimps cannot help themselves but stir up anger to blame Bush and tie the Iraq war into the disaster:

Media Blames Bush

California Wildfires: Harry Reid Blames Global Warming, Boxer Blames Iraq War


In addition the media goes to great lengths to preach their Global Warming Religion as the wrath of Revelation that comes when Republicans are unrepentant in worshipping the earth:

Anderson Cooper and Tom Foreman warn that global warming may be to blame for Southern California fires.

Without Proof, NBC Presumes Global Warming to Blame for Wild Fires

Harry Reid Blames California Wildfires On Global Warming…Before He Denies He Said It.

George Carlin, Jamie Lee Curtis Blame Humans for Fires

It’s sickening to see the devolution of a former civil society that at one time had a common culture and unity at the forefront of good will, but today is nothing but opportunities to slam, blame and push an agenda to secure power for oneself, party or agenda.

These people have no shame.

And they never will, unless Americans are willing to shame them.

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Ron Paul Does Not Belong in GOP Race


Aside from the fact that many Ron Paul supporters worship him as a messianic figure, sole hope for the USA and Deliverer from evil; or the fact a bunch of them are the same anti-war Leftist kook conspiracists that populate Airhead America and the Democrat Underground; an increasing number of Conservatives and Constitutionalists recognize that Ron Paul is simply unfit for the role of Commander-In-Chief.

His Libertarian baggage, Blame-America-First and appeasement of our enemies disqualifies him for the the position in my opinion. As time wears on, he is proving he really does not belong in the GOP either. His increasing shrill anti-war rants put him more in unity with the NeoLeft and nuts like Code Pink than with Conservatives.

Ron Paul attracts a rabid following of Isolationists, Peaceniks, Pro-druggies, anti-semites, NWO Conspiracists, anti-Capitalists, skinheads and anti-government anarchists, along with some mad-as-hell conservatives fed-up with the GOP’s push for Amnesty for Illegals and their runaway spending. His is a bandwagon of the “Throw-The-Bums-Out” movement with an anti-war Leftist twist.

But is this the guy we want at the top spot? A guy who blames Amrieca for the world’s woes; who thinks that 17th century geopolitical strategy works in the modern world; who seeks to appease Jihadists; who seeks an Isolationist America?

Here’s a blog that I can fully agree with, and I’m sure the accusations that I’m a dirty Jewish “neocon’, traitor, scum and all the other niceties I get from the Ron Paul worshippers will follow.

Ron Paul does not belong in the race for the GOP nomination

Ron Paul played a valuable role in Congress. I do think so. He was never effective at limiting government, but that’s not the role I saw him fill; rather, he was a minor gadfly to the statists, keeping in the vocabulary of Congress the small-l libertarian notions of a government limited to specific functions, non-confiscatory taxation, etc.

…It’s the surrender bit, completely incompatible with what I had thought of Ron Paul; it is, however, a good way to drag confused Code Pinkers and pseudo-libertarians into the cash-donating aisle with the Red Light special. Is it a con? Who the heck knows, but Ron Paul come up with a small following from the anti-war crowd, folks blathering about concepts of liberty and governance which they obviously do not choose to understand understand.
“Get back to the founders, man! They didn’t dig war, man, and interference, like, in other countries, and stuff.” Oh, right. Thomas Jefferson in 1801 launched a preemptive war – without the approval of Congress – against the Barbary States because their actions ran counter to our national security interests. The Pirates only wanted the United States to pay them off. Would President Ron Paul, if he had been the third President of the United States, have paid the Barbary Pirates their toll, thus allowing the precedent to be set for the young United States that we are a paper tiger? Would a President Ron Paul, as the 43rd President, have allowed Saddam Hussein to thumb his nose at the United States and the world, continuing to become more dangerous apace, as the United States maintained and protected its image as a paper tiger earned by President Clinton (Bill)?
There is a difference between going back to the vision of the United States held by our Founding Fathers, and they saw us as an eventual world player, and shrinking the United States to its seminal, 18th century form.


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Snakes in Congress Shoving Amnesty Down Our Throats AGAIN.



It’s back.

Like a demonic hydra, the push of the political class to grant instant amnesty to millions of MEXICAN Insurgents is again at the fore of becoming defacto law in Congress.

Harry Reid (D-NV) the Tyrant Wannabe who two weeks ago tried to silence talk radio hosts with an unprecedented letter from Congress to the CEO of Clearchannel to remove radio hosts Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin, has set for a cloture vote TOMORROW – Wednesday – the push for Little Dick Durbin’s (D-IL) Amnesty Act – “The Dream Act”.

A dream for lawbreaking Illegal Mexicans to get away with a crime and get rewards for it, a nightmare for the rest of us.

UPDATE: 10-24 – Cloture vote FAILS

Wednesday Cloture Vote Set For DREAM Act Amnesty Bill

Last night, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) filed to invoke cloture on S. 2205, Assistant Majority Leader Dick Durbin’s (D-Ill.) new stand-alone DREAM Act amnesty bill. The cloture vote, for which 60 YES votes are necessary to prevent a filibuster on the measure, is set for Wednesday, October 24. Reid is attempting to bring this nightmarish amnesty bill to the floor under Senate Rule XIV without it ever having been debated in committee.

Durbin’s DREAM Act has made two notable changes from earlier attempts: (1) a provision repealing existing statutory provisions barring illegal aliens from being eligible for in-state tuition unless a U.S. citizen or legal resident is eligible regardless of state residence has been removed; and (2) the age limit for amnesty applicants has been added.

Under this bill, once an alien files an application for amnesty, the Federal government would be prohibited from deporting him. Moreover, with few exceptions, Federal officers would be prohibited from either using information from the application to deport the alien or sharing that information with another federal agency, under threat of up to $10,000 fine. Consequently, an alien’s admission that he has violated Federal immigration law could not be used against him – even if he never had any chance of qualifying for the DREAM Act amnesty in the first place.

The DREAM Act also would make illegal aliens eligible for Federal student loans and Federal work-study programs – another benefit that law-abiding foreign students cannot receive – all at taxpayer expense.

We might have thought this battle was won back in June, but as this political class (both parties) have demonstrated, they can care less what American citizens demand in terms of preserving our culture and our laws. The political class will appease Jihadist enemies and placate those seeking our deaths; they will reward illegal insurgents with perks and benefits American citizens themselves are not privy to; and they will destroy Amrican citizens who oppose their efforts to rule like a Soviet Politburo.

More calls are needed to stop this insanity.

But I am becoming of the opinion we are moving beyond the ability to get the Political Elite to listen to us without getting nasty.

Jefferson may end up being more of a prophet than a statesman.

It’s too bad most Americans have no idea what he said or stood for.

It certainly wasn’t amnesty for foreign insurgents, who break the laws and commit crimes Americans won’t do.

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Ron Paul Attracts The Muslim Vote


Obviously they love his Cut and Run approach to foreign policy.

Too bad Ron Paul is an ignoramus when it comes to understanding militant Islam and their goal of our destruction to fulfill Islamic Prophecy.

How YOU can HELP Palestine and END American Sponsored Oppression

There is a candidate running as a Republican that would work to completely cut off the funding to Israel, remove ALL US troops from Arab lands, and repeal the Patriot Act.

American Muslims must RISE and UNITE. Let your voice be heard. InshAllah (God-willing), we can spread the word and make a difference.

It’s telling that Osama Bin Laden, Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez and the host of America’s enemies are urging support for the Democrat anti-war/Ron Paul positions regarding retreat, appeasement and surrender to their beast that has global conquest on it’s agenda.


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