Idiot Traitors On Parade

Nothing surprises me anymore – especially by the insane treason and overt coddling of America’s sworn enemies by the NeoLeft in America.

What is disconcerting is the fact that most Americans are not bothered by these shenanigans and direct appeasement of our enemies.

By now I’m sure you have heard of Iran’s Ahmadinejad’s quest to go to Ground Zero in New York to justify the reason for the act of war Bin Laden’s boys delvered that day six years ago after he once again addresses the UN General Assembly as to the evil of America.

Could we imagine Tojo coming to Pearl Harbor to denounce America in 1943 with war raging in the pacific? If you cannot because the idea is absolutely absurd, just watch the news today and see the rough equivalent taking place. There’s nothing like having an enemy come and denounce your country on your own soil in the presence of the world body, and then go to a grave site caused by Jihadists to celebrate the attack is there?

Unless being invited to a luncheon and forum as a guest of honor to speak to American college kids at Columbia University fits that bill.

That’s right, the university that banished the ROTC from having a place on Campus, has invited the Iranian madman that promises our destruction and the annihilation of Israel to come speak and have a forum with our brain-soft kiddies at a what can now be called an anti-American Indoctrination Center.

Afterwards, the Fars news Agency reports that Ahmadindehead will then go and “meet with the survivors and bereaved families of the 9-11 incident, journalists and critics of the Bush administration”. So now imagine Tojo going to meet with wives and mothers of sailors and airmen killed in the Pearl Harbor attack, and meet with opponents of FDR to bolster their anti-war rhetoric, and you have a better picture of all this crap.

Yes, the Democrats and the Stalinist, Socialist Communist Leftists that hate this country as much as our enemies do, are busy praising Ahmadinedehead and Osama Bin laden, admonish Americans to respect Osama Bin Laden and people like Ahmadinejad, and invite them to come on in, preach their propaganda which is the justification of the killing and beheading of Americans – to the DELIGHT of these treasonous fools that dare walk the same soil as real Americans do.

The Daily Kooks at the Daily Kos even BRAG about how much they like Iran’s Aspiring Hitler stating that they “Have A Little Crush on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad” because he speaks their anti-American language.

And right before the Persian Jihadist Fuhrer arrived here to defile sacred American Soil and preach his justifications for genocide, his Religious Mullah Handlers have threatened to use Nuclear weapons on America.

MEANWHILE – the idiocy of America today is not confined to appeasing and supporting Jihadists, America today is the land where burning American flags is perfectly acceptible and applauded, but taking down a Mexican flag flying alone on American soil will get you arrested and jailed. But more on that in the next entry.

Yes – America is become a land of imbeciles, to the prodding of the anti-war, Socialist Left and the Democrat party. Like the Jihadists, they have been in a political war on America for decades – and America deceives itself in thinking it is just another benign point of view.

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One response to “Idiot Traitors On Parade

  1. “Could we imagine Tojo coming to Pearl Harbor to denounce America in 1943 with war raging in the pacific?”

    With due respect, this analogy is a bit of a stretch is it not? Unlike Toro’s relationship to Pearl Harbor, Ahmadinejad was not the leader of those who attacked us on 9/11. Actually, the U.S. funded the Taliban in early 2001 while Iran was trying to drive them out. Our emotions regarding 9/11 are entirely justified, but for us to continue to respond to them without regard for the truth sends a threatening message to the rest of the world–enemies and non-enemies alike.

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