Ron Paul – D.O.A.


My sentiments exactly, notwithstanding all the kooks, nitwits and conspiracy wonks that flock to this guy’s banner.

I really have no desire to support a guy who has his speeches regurgitated by Osama Bin laden and Ahmadinejad of Iran as justifications for their Jihad.

Nor should we support a guy who blames America for causing 9-11, supported by hordes of kooks who think Bush flew the planes into the towers and demolished the WTC with explosives to do a Reichstag fire.

Rhetoric vs. Reality: Why the Ron Paul Campaign is DOA

Although presidential candidate Ron Paul is a life long Libertarian, he has chosen to operate within the Republican Party. The Libertarian Party has never been able to get off the ground due to some of its extreme positions and Paul, like other Libertarians, eventually found a home in a broadened RNC. However, within that party, Paul is only connecting with a small libertarian wing, about 3-5% of Republican voters, based on an average of all available national polls.

Though all conservatives and most Republicans agree with Ron Paul rhetoric concerning a general reverence for our founding principles and documents, there is a clear divide between Ron Paul Libertarians and all other conservatives on matters of national security. Namely, the alleged “illegal invasion” of Iraq

Although many conservatives could unite with Paul on many other domestic issues, especially the idea of limited government, reduced spending and taxation and less government intrusion into personal lives, they quickly part company on this issue.

According to Ron Paul and his followers, the U.S. military action in Iraq was not an act of “liberating” the Iraqi people or even an act of deposing the world’s most brutal rogue regime, known to have sponsored terrorism. In Ron Paul’s mind, it was an “invasion” of a sovereign nation and on this premise; they follow with the assertion that such an act of aggression is both “illegal” and “unconstitutional.”

Of course, I am still waiting for Ron Paul or just one of his supporters to direct me to that part of the constitution that says America is not allowed to take preventive action against a known foreign enemy in defense of our own sovereign nation.

…On 9/11/01, nearly every American was shocked and demanding to know how such events could happen to us, here on our own soil.

…Should we “prevent” further attacks, or simply “respond” to those attacks once they happen?

…It’s almost as if Ron Paul and his supporters fell asleep in the late 1700’s and woke up this morning trying to figure out what to do in a world quite different than the one the fell asleep in.

…Most conservatives have been awake the entire time however, and they aren’t buying into the emotional rhetoric surrounding the very real war against [jihadists], whether offered by liberals or Libertarians…

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8 responses to “Ron Paul – D.O.A.

  1. rich

    It’s too late to stop the revolution.
    First tier support level has been achieved.
    Support is increasing on a steady trajectory.
    The near 60,000 meetup members will not just “go away”.
    By the time the elections are over, there will be well over 100,000 and growing.
    Many are planning to run for local/state offices.
    There have been larger groups, but none so committed to restoring the rule of law and constitutional limits on our ever-weakening, bloated government.
    Many are and will become educators in their communities.
    Red State will be long dead and buried but the revolution once bearing the unmentionable candidate’s name will be a peaceful force for positive change.

  2. invar

    Your revolution exists only because of this tiresome mantra you share with the NeoLeft:

    No war – ever; America is to blame for the world’s woes; Capitalism is going to ruin the planet and Jews (neocons) are the spawn of Satan.

    Those are the ONLY things I ever hear you Ron Paul people rant about.

    If Ron Paul was running on ANY of the rest of his so-called platform, a majority of your “members” would not exist.

    The bulk of you are apparently conspiracy nuts that buy into everything from the Illuminati are taking over the world for Bush, the Queen of England is in cahoots with the world Bankers to Elvis was a CIA stooge.

    Your revolution is made up of a large party of appeasement pacifists, anarchists, dope smokers and anti-government separatists. The only reason you have traction among some conservatives is due our disgust with the political class of Blue Bloods who are in cahoots with the Demoncrats over spending and illegal immigration.

    Surrender, retreat, pull back and become Isolationists is the only message I hear coming from the bulk of you meet-up members.

    If there is going to be change – then it has to come from the bottom-up – not by electing what some of you treat as a messiah to the top spot.

    Your revolution will devolve us to third-world status and get us all killed if the major platform of Isolationist non-interventionism that you people push – wins the White House.

  3. gronga

    Thankfully for all of us, the first amendment guarentees free speech, event to those who have no idea of what they talk about.
    Your Ideas of RonPaul and his stances would fit neatly on a post card, and without the actual background to understand them you can make anything look bad. Or good.
    As long as you get your information from USA today or Fox News, you will never be educated of whats really happening.
    Conspiracies? I don’t think so.
    Real people in power afraid of a real shakeup that could cost them everything? Definatley.
    Swallow your pride and study a little. Listen completely to some of his speeches so you can get answers straight from him to answer your questions.
    Go past the campaign and look into any of his books, his hearings with Alan Greenspan and the Panels and groups he was in, or ran in congress.
    He is a man of integrity, who actually does know what he is talking about. He lives and breathes what he espouses for oyhers.
    His information doesn’t come off the bullet point flash cards his handlers give hime before a “debate”.

    I see some of your banners on the right side of your page and know you feel deepabout these subjects. Thats fantastic that you have that fire.
    But I bet you have done more research on then than the knee jerk postcard reaction you give us.

  4. invar


    My ideas about Ron Paul are based on what I, myself have heard him say or write. I even posted excerpts of a transcript and commented on his own words in the ron-paul-is-hopelessly-naive-or-just-plain-stupid entry.

    Ron Paul’s own positions on foreign policy and his position that America EARNED 9-11, are what fuel my contempt for his run for President.

    His kook whacko supporters and what they say and stand for worry me more than what Ron Paul’s platform is – mainly due to the fact his Revolutionistas are pushing Paul to more Left-wing extremist anti-war insanity than he had given previously.

    If you think my opinion on Paul is a postcard, you can blame that on the fact that both Paul and his supporters are harping on the Anti-War postcard – and little else.

    I do not hear these people on taxes, welfare, spending, Illegal Immigration, judicial activism, infringements on property, gun and speech rights, etc.

    All they want to rant about is the war and the need to be Isolationists – and perhaps the need to legalize drugs.

    I have said this many times, I like many of Ron Paul’s positions. I agree with much of his domestic ideas in regards to applying the Constitution.

    But those issues are drowned out by his anti-war pacifism and his supporters are one-note screaming meamies As such, I think he is needed in the Congress, NOT in the Oval Office.

    As time goes on, he gets more shrill and sounds like the maniacs from the Pink brigades – he loses any integrity he may have had, and I put him in the same camp as the anti-American Soros bunch.

    Those are my opinions based on what Ron Paul says, and what is being argued by his supporters.

    Ron Paul is like Ross Perot – he keeps referring to the Constitution to “fix” our problems – but details no plan to get us from where we are, BACK to the ideals he stands for in a realistic fashion – except for pulling all overseas military back home and abandoning the world.

    And that idea is more dangerous than what Hillary proposes.

  5. gronga

    Thank you for your thoughtful response.
    Every candidate has their nutball supporters, RPs just happen to know how to use the internet. But please don’t lump us all in the same camp.
    I’ll get you answers to your question points so you can see his positions on the different things ou brought up (Taxes,welfare/social security, spending, illegal immigration, judicial activism, infringments on property, guns/reight to bear arms, Free Speech/1st amendment, isolationist vs, Non-intervention and those pesky drugs.)
    I can pot shot a few answers off the cuff, seeing as he has definate plans (easily findable too) on all these except Judicial Activism. I’m not afraid to say I don’t now that one 🙂
    But I’ll get links for you, so the info is handy and not second hand. Then I’ll put them on my blog as well 🙂

  6. invar


    I’ve been to RPs web site and to many of the local Meeting Group sites, so I do know where RP stands on the issues.

    The problem is that he has no detailed process for getting us from where we are to where he wants us to be in relation to the Constitution. In that regard he is like Ross Perot, he talks about the problems – but has no realistic plans to implementing a fix for the problems.

    Since he has stated he will pull all American military forces home immediately and close foreign bases (the most reckless and stupid of his ideas), I can only assume his approach is the same on all the other problems he bitches about.

    Will he immediately abolish the IRS and implement a new tax structure?

    Millions of Home Mortage Deductees will be calling for his head – especially if they do not understand how much money they will save overall on taxes – since they think they know how to play the current tax game and stay ahead.

    The same is true of other issues.

    Will he immediately return us to a gold standard as he has suggested?

    If so – a sheet of toilet paper becomes more valuable overnight than a dollar and we implode the fragile house-of-cards economy like a giant Jenga stack.

    Welfare? Will he just end it?

    I cannot think of anything that would plunge us quicker into a bloodletting civil war as the welfare class, political class and victim classes go beserk on what they view as their personal fiefdoms of control.

    RP has no plan on how to wean us from dependancy to responsibility other than point out the problems.

    But ultimately – his stance of non-interventionism and pacifism in the face of this enemy he thinks is no threat – completely disqualifies him for the office he seeks.

    We need him in Congress – not the Oval Office.

  7. gronga

    well, I was compiling an actual list of papers wrtten by Ron Paul himself. With answers to several of your questions. And they are good questions.
    However it seem like your mind is made up an a few issues, and While I’ll post them on my site for people to drop by and read, I don’t expect to change your mind.
    It is not my Job anyway 🙂 All I can do is find answers.

  8. invar

    My mind is made up against Ron Paul as President, but I would love for much of his domestic agenda and calls for a return to Constitutionality become part and parcel of the Conservative platform – DOMESTICALLY.

    How we go from dependence back to responsibility is a subject requiring re-educating a vast majority of our nation about our history, heritage and reasons WHY our Founders established this republic as it is. Most of America is woefully ignorant of our foundations – and we cannot fix the problems that plague us without going back to recapturing that base.

    Then the discussion and debate can move from helping the nation see the NEED for change – towards coming up with PLANS TO change – without collapsing the house of cards the last 80-plus years has put us on the nation.

    Which is why I am of the opinion RP serves us best in Congress – and he should work towards the effort of helping the Conservative base take on his domestic platform in the effort of returning us to that standard.

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